Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Weighing myself in a controlled way.

This morning was the first day in 3 days that I weighed myself. I KNEW the number would be up. I stepped onto the scale and accepted the number. Yes, it's up. But the way I was restricting was taking off 'fake weight'...I mean if I can put on the weight again in like 3 days I obviously hadn't really lost it properly. That's okay with me. 

Yesterday me and my family were sitting around the table, my Mum looking in the freezer for ice cream for desert. She stormed in, "Whose eaten three of these choc ices?" My dad looked sheepish and raised his hand. Everyone started having a go at him. Let me explain the situation. My dad is quite overweight and is on a diet at the moment. He is eating a low number of calories. It's been like 6 weeks, he's lost 20lbs. It's not a healthy diet. On these diets my dad has binges. My family plain old don't understand the pull towards a binge. They think it's easy not to binge. I understand my dad. I understand how HARD it is to resist a binge. I felt so sorry for him. He's trying to loose weight, he doesn't need his family shouting at him to stop binging. 
Later that day I asked Mum why Dad hadn't got help for his eating problems (I believe he has a binge eating disorder) and my Mum seemed she'd never considered he has a serious problem. I don't know what to do to help my dad. 

Thank you for the tremendous support you are showing me. I SO appreciate it.


Hypophrenia Heart said...

My Dad seems to have some kind of bad relationship with food too; it's definitely a comfort to him, and even after medical problems and doctors asking him to change his diet, he won't. It's so frustrating, and he doesn't seem to see there is anything wrong with his relationship to food.

Lisa said...

i hate hate hate it when i'm restricting and i end up binging...

it sucks to be on a diet that is made up by someone else too...

I'm happy for you thaT you excepted your weight! that's a huge huge step!!!!!! And you're right- weight loss that quickly in a few days is fake...i gotta remind myself that..

keep up the good work babe!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you! Sometimes the numbers on the scale mean so much to us that a fluctuation feels like weight gain, but that's just not true. In order to gain a pound, you have to eat 3,500 extra calories-- a handful of M&Ms won't do that. I feel like sometimes us ED gals need a reality check, and it sounds like you've been doing that!

I'm really sorry to hear about your dad. My mom has (had?) an eating disorder too, so I can relate. Maybe you could ask your dad what you asked your mom-- why hasn't he gotten help? This won't "cure" him, but maybe it will encourage him to seek therapeutic help.

I hate it when people don't think binge eating disorder is not an eating disorder. It definitely is.

Wishing you well,