Thursday, 8 March 2012

Eating other people's food.

Yesterday I had a horrible binge. I started the day well, eating a small breakfast and was planning on doing a small food shop. My friend drove us to ASDA and my shop went fine, except I made one rooky error that cost me a binge. Chocolate Philadelphia. My lunch consisted of grapes in this choc philly. Dinner turned into a GIANT  plate of pasta, and guess what? The WHOLE tub of choc philly with toast. Followed by the really expensive Easter chocolate I brought for my mum. I felt so ashamed and disgusting and embarrassed. So I had a very thorough purge and thank God, my weight was down this morning.

This morning my friend Jonny came over, he knows about my bulimia but after today's event I decided I can't tell him anything again. I told him about my binge. His response "you ate the WHOLE tub, hmmm classy." I felt so disgusting. It was the least helpful response. I'm never going to talk to him about it again.

Well you live and learn! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Treat day!

Today was my first treat day (once a week I allow myself whatever I want for one meal.) Me and my flatmate went to a fabulous little patisserie and I ate all the things I don't allow myself normally - croissant with cheese and mushrooms for main, followed by a large piece of double chocolate cake. It was perfect. Everything I'd been craving. 

My theory behind treat day is that if once a week I allow myself what I want I won't feel like I'm so cheated of foods I love, and inevitably end up binging. I give myself total permission for this meal - with no thoughts of calories or the effect on the scales tomorrow. I'm in debate about whether I should weigh myself tomorrow. 

I'm pleasantly surprised about how calm I feel, I thought it may bring on a binge, but I wanted this meal to be a pleasant, positive experience, not stained by the guilt of a binge. 
I would highly recommend this idea for those who struggle with strong cravings and binges. 

I will have soup with rhyvita for dinner. 

Monday, 5 March 2012

Resisting A Binge.

Yesterday night after dinner the inevitable 'binge pangs' started. If you haven't experienced binge pangs they are horrific. I imagine it's a little how a drug addict feels when they need a hit. You are consumed with the need to eat. Consumed, overwhelmed, obsessed. All you can think about is the food. You feel on edge and jittery. Your mind does this funny thing where it tricks you into thinking one small binge will be fine, and actually you won't feel bad this time. This time you really NEED the binge.
Last night I was close, so close to a binge. I had a start-of-binge (one jammy dodger, one piece of toast, one ryvita) and the urge to carry on, to eat more and more was overwhelming. But somehow, I resisted. This is a massive step for me as I never manage to resist. I was physically shaking I wanted a binge so much but I KNEW I would be glad later if I didn't. So I fought it. It was hard, draining and tiring but I feel quite proud of myself now.

Today I am going shopping with my best friend. Very exciting! On Wednesday I am giving myself a treat. I am going to a lovely bakery with a friend and letting myself have a piece of cake. This is something to look forward to, and I've given myself permission not to feel bad about it.

I lost another pound :) 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Don't threaten me, love.

Today I texted my flatmate asking to borrow a biology book. She replied "Yeh under my desk, don't touch the fucking scales though! Otherwise I'll be telling your mum she needs to be having words with you!!" I'd actually already weighed myself with them when she went to work, which I know was wrong but I just wanted to compare my new scales and hers. 
But my main issue was that she threatened to tell my mum. I felt quite angry with this. She may be concerned, but talk to me not my mum. I'm 20 this year and these threats don't scare me as they used to. I know this means I'll have to be more careful around my flat. It just frustrated me no end. This particular flatmate isn't the most understanding person, she sees everything in a very black and white context. 
I've been 'hiding' in my room more recently. I just have less desire to be around them. 

Today I struggled so much at the gym. I couldn't get myself motivated and I felt physically exhausted. My body felt weak and pathetic. This was particularly frustrating as I had eating a decent sized bowl of ready brek (with golden syrup - trying to give myself 'treats' to stop binges.) I'll try and get myself a little more motivated tomorrow.

I need your help girlies (and guys!) I have a DATE! A rare occurrence I assure you. I met this guy at church and liked him the minute I saw him. This is the first time we will have spent time just the two of us. He suggested we play badminton, which I enjoy. However I am not used to wearing GYM CLOTHES when I'm trying to impress a guy?! How on earth am I meant to look and feel good covered in sweat wearing my gym stuff, with my make up half way down my face! Any tips on wear to get some attractive gym stuff at would be appreciated/any ideas on how to look better in this situation??

Friday, 2 March 2012

Struggling with 'the voice'

Yesterday and this morning I've been struggling with listening to the eating disorder voice. I know I'm falling into it's trap. Yesterday I felt I had to time myself eating dinner and only have a very small bite every 30 seconds. But I could eat my yoghurt as fast as I wanted. The voice is gaining control on my actions not relating to food as well. I was reading a book, went to turn the corner of the page down and felt that if I did that I would not be perfect and would get fat. Totally unreasonable and ridiculous I know, but I followed it.
This morning, I felt compelled to cut my one piece of toast into tiny tiny pieces and eat each tiny square with a fork, one at a time, with a gap in-between each bite. Then halfway through breakfast I remembered I had forgotten to do the 20 star jumps I said I would do before weighing myself, so got up and did 40. 

I know these are all bad behaviours, and when I was eating dinner last night I wanted to eat it normally but I COULDN'T. On the other hand I do find them very comforting and relaxing to have such organised meals. 

The really frustrating thing is I know I'm eating a healthy diet. I think what I'm eating is actually just a regular person's healthy. Yet for me all the ED thoughts come with it. 
Let's take yesterday for example:

Breakfast:  ready brek with sultanas and golden syrup (I was challenging myself to have a food a really enjoy.)
Snack: small satsuma.
Lunch: Weight watchers soup, 2 ryvitas, 8 calorie jelly, pear.
Dinner: Small portion of chilli con carne. 
Snack: fat free, low cal yogurt.

This all seems like a normal amount not too much or too little, so why am I getting to caught up in the ED thoughts and related behaviours. I feel like I'm just an attention seeker.

Thank-you so much for all the lovely comments, you've all been fabulous and I really do love hearing from you. Also welcome if you're knew to the blog and have just started commenting, I love following and supporting new blogs!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thrown away the adios max.

Oh my gosh I took one, just ONE of the adios max diet tablets and I got so ill. Let's just say I didn't leave the bathroom and my stomach was spasming (is that a word?) out of control. It was either the adios or I got a bad stomach bug. In two days I've lost 6lbs. Mainly this is because of the bug. Today I am being careful with food, but also challenging my eating disordered thoughts. So I put golden syrup on my ready brek this morning because I don't want to get to a place where I feel I am a failure if I have it. I know if I get to that place the binge/purge cycle starts. So I'm eating 3 meals and keeping them all healthy.

I went out today and brought a book about a girl with anorexia. I know full well that this will trigger me but I'm being irresponsible. I won't lie I LOVE having my own scales. But I am NOT going to get sucked back into my  disorder really bad. I just want to loose 10-20lbs in an okay way.

Whatever. I just want to achieve. In everything. I've been a failure this far. At school I didn't get the best grades, I never stick with any hobbies, I never lost enough weight. I'm just not quite good enough. I want to be perfect.