Saturday, 3 March 2012

Don't threaten me, love.

Today I texted my flatmate asking to borrow a biology book. She replied "Yeh under my desk, don't touch the fucking scales though! Otherwise I'll be telling your mum she needs to be having words with you!!" I'd actually already weighed myself with them when she went to work, which I know was wrong but I just wanted to compare my new scales and hers. 
But my main issue was that she threatened to tell my mum. I felt quite angry with this. She may be concerned, but talk to me not my mum. I'm 20 this year and these threats don't scare me as they used to. I know this means I'll have to be more careful around my flat. It just frustrated me no end. This particular flatmate isn't the most understanding person, she sees everything in a very black and white context. 
I've been 'hiding' in my room more recently. I just have less desire to be around them. 

Today I struggled so much at the gym. I couldn't get myself motivated and I felt physically exhausted. My body felt weak and pathetic. This was particularly frustrating as I had eating a decent sized bowl of ready brek (with golden syrup - trying to give myself 'treats' to stop binges.) I'll try and get myself a little more motivated tomorrow.

I need your help girlies (and guys!) I have a DATE! A rare occurrence I assure you. I met this guy at church and liked him the minute I saw him. This is the first time we will have spent time just the two of us. He suggested we play badminton, which I enjoy. However I am not used to wearing GYM CLOTHES when I'm trying to impress a guy?! How on earth am I meant to look and feel good covered in sweat wearing my gym stuff, with my make up half way down my face! Any tips on wear to get some attractive gym stuff at would be appreciated/any ideas on how to look better in this situation??


Leigh said...

I don't think it's ever a friend/roommate's place to threaten to go to your parents. Unless you're threatening to kill yourself or someone else, she should be talking to you. All she's going to do is lose your trust. Sounds like this is already starting. Maybe you should try telling her this?

Oh, sports make great dates! Whatever you do, don't overdress or you'll just look silly. I'd go with some sort of yoga wear. Nice tight black shorts/capris/pants paired with a nice looking but athletic yoga top maybe? If you don't have this, a flattering tank should work. And for makeup, go basic, waterproof mascara and maybe even a light lip gloss. You can always put eyeliner on after instead of sweating it off.

Leigh said...

Good luck and have fun!!