Monday, 30 May 2011

Rebecca Black: the state of society.

Rebecca Black. The 14 year old viral superstar who hit youtube with a bang. Before giving my view let me share some of the comments I have found on her:

"Rebecca black is a c*nt,hoe,b*tch,asshole,cock sucker and a b*tch,ugly,lame,fake,stupid,idiot."

"Is Rebecca Black pregnant?
She LOOKS pregnant, but i don't think any guy would fck her"

"Shes 13, wow, a little to much make-up?"

"she has a big nose"

"SHE LOOKS FUCK'N UGLY. Someone should beat her up"

"rebecca black, we don't hate you because your famous, your famous because we hate you."

"Rebecca bitch ! I wish Rebecca will commit suicide on Friday ! Urghhh."

"She's damn ugly and sucks.. ugly betty .. and fat."

These are just a few of the many, many hateful words.

There are articles on how Black's hit 'Friday' reflects the state of pop, however I think Rebecca Black is the number one example of the state of society. When did it become okay to send death threats to a 14 year old girl? When did it become okay to judge a person so harshly on a music video? On a song? In a survey 76% of participants said Rebecca Black attack comments are justified. Do we really want to be known an age of hate, of cyber attacks? Of bullies?

Okay, so the actual song isn't all that brilliant, I admit when I first heard it I laughed at the lyrics. But it's not HIDEOUS. I decided to download it and after listening to it a few times it's really grown on me, it's damn catchy and upbeat and makes me smile. It's not worthy of death threats. In a mini experiment I played the song to my mum, who doesn't know about the whole Black fiasco. I asked her what she thought of the song,
"Odd, quirky, about mundane things."
"Is it a bad song?"
"I wouldn't say bad...just unusual."
"Would you describe it as awful?"
"No definitely not."
I then went on an explained the hysterical scorn behind the song. She was shocked and saddened. I know my Mum isn't exactly a music mogul but the fact she didn't HATE it highlights that maybe it's not so bad? Maybe it can just be seen as fun? Light? Quirky?

Not only has it become acceptable for the everyday cyber bully to comment, but those in the public eye have joined in. Katy Perry did a cruel off key rendition of Friday, Charlie Sheen tweeted "Rebecca black, we don't hate you because your famous, your famous because we hate you." Miley Cyrus and Beiber have also joined in with jibes.

The comments on her physical appearance are so cutting, harsh and upsetting. How upset do you feel when someone makes a jibe about your appearance? Imagine being told "I hope you get an eating disorder so you look pretty." You should be ashamed. Why do we feel the need to BREAK PEOPLE DOWN?

Imagine for one moment if this girl was your friend. Your daughter. Your sister. Imagine how helpless you'd feel against this unbelievable level of hate. Should any teen have to deal with this? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

we laugh along wirh the. jokes without realising the consequences of our actions.

emmeepee said...

This is so ridiculous. I hate the people that break her down. How dare they tell her such awful things like that! How would these people feel if she ACTUALLY killed herself? Developed an eating disorder? Why do we have to make this girl feel terrible about herself for the rest of her life. I believe that to save one life is to save the world. Help Rebecca; don't tear her apart. She is probably sitting at home crying because she thinks that the world hates her. I know personally how it feels to think that just ONE person hates me. That does really happen and it hurts so badly. I pray for her to stay strong through all of these bullies and their STUPID comments!

Amber Rochelle said...

I have to admit, I thought the song was pretty bad. But...SHE'S BARELY A TEENAGER! Give the girl a break! I can't believe how aweful the comments have been toward her. NOBODY deserves to be ridiculed like that...for any reason...especially not over a dumb song that it's not like anyone is being forced to listen to. Completely agree with your post.