Friday, 27 May 2011

Getting on with life...RECOVERY STYLE!

Who cares if I slipped? Some might say "Well that just SHOWS you're not recovered." I like to think of it like this...yes I relapsed, but I also dragged myself out before I got too deep. I knew perfectly well the relapse would end (that sounds odd but I KNEW it was going to be a short relapse). 

So what does normal life in recovery look like? At the moment it looks like this: working at an underwear shop (I LOVE helping people find what they want, and helping them find out what their size is), on my days of I enjoy  learning French via the internet, reading a kick ass book (at the moment it's 'Passion for Jesus' v inspiring), filling out forms for university (3 months to go!) going for a jog every now and then. Well you get the picture, at the moment my life is pretty damn leisurely. 

There is so much more to life than food. I mean look at my "50 things to do before I die" list (on the right) I want to do ALL of these! Do you realise how HARD it would be to do these things whilst hanging onto an eating disorder. THEY CONSUME YOUR LIFE. 


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this post! You are so right-- there's so much more to life than an eating disorder. And they just hold you back.

And don't forget that a slip is not a relapse. You are still in recovery even if you have a bad stretch of days.

Wishing you well,

Lisa said...



Haley said...

yayy! I love these positive posts :)
You're right. ED sucks. Don't let it ruin your life. There's so much more.
Praying for you and your beautiful self! :)