Friday, 6 May 2011

No need to worry dearies.

Last post I got some comments along the line of "Maybe you should look for help etc." But basically I am at a healthy weight. Not even a low healthy weight a medium healthy weight. There is no way I need help at the moment so don't worry my dears! I am still eating 3 meals. Today I had:

Breakfast: banana and coffee.
Lunch: packet of crisps, yogurt, coffee.
Dinner: 2 slices of pizza. Coffee (got the running theme yet? haha.)
Plus this evening I am allowing myself an 80cal snack. Not sure what it will be yet. I ran home from work but struggled because my legs felt so flippin weak.

You know the new girl I posted about yesterday? The skinny one? Today she commented I had a tiny waist, so I was like "urmm girl have you seen yourself? You're tiny!" She told me she had lost a lot of weight. "How?" I asked stupidly.
"I don't just came off. I smoke a lot of weed which speeds up your metabolism. Plus I don't really like eating much."

My competitve side is well and truely out. I'm even setting competition against myself like "DON'T TELL YOUR MENTOR THE TRUTH. SEE HOW LONG YOU CAN GO WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE HOW YOU REALLY FEAL." It's quite hard as I pretty much tell my mentor everything.

I was up 0.2lbs this morning so I felt well and truely down. God if I've gone up tomorrow I don't know what I'll do. Cry probably haha.

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