Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How the shoot went.

I had the best time at a photoshoot for a friend doing a graphics course. The theme was Spring makeup M.A.C style. My friend is incredible at make up so gave me two looks, one involving a lot of pink, the other an orange look (as seen in the picture) hair and make up took 2 hours, the shoot took one hour. She is going to send me the finished shots when she's done editing them.

Now I know my last post sounded confusing- it didn't show my mood very well. Basically I'm surprised that I'm in a good mood even though I'm in a relapse, normally I'm super depressed when my intake is low. For example today I have eaten a banana. And drunk coffee and that's it. But I feel fine! Happy! Jovial! Going to eat a fatty dinner with the family (fray bentos pie and chips *shudder*) I may end up purging when I go to the gym at 8. 

Now on to some amazing  news. I am taking a trip in July with a Christian organisation, and I have been freaking out about it recently because it is so out of my comfort zone. Well I got an email yesterday from the organisation giving me the email of the only other person from the UK coming on the trip (the other people with all be international) and guess what....she lives in my town....she's my age...AND we are doing nursing....the same branch...children's. Wow. Out of all the people that could have applied she did. I think this is a huge blessing from God as we can meet up and travel together and get to know each other before we go!


Hypophrenia Heart said...

Beautiful photographs! And that's brilliant news that you'll have someone who you have so much in common with, to share the trip with you. Enjoy!x

Heather said...

You look amazing love!
That's great that you get to know the other girl first, makes it a little easier to step outside your comfort zone. Where will you be going?
Hope dinner is alright.

brie said...

you looked beautiful in that picture. :)

Sairs said...

Your photos are beautiful, you look amazing. You are also very pretty :)

Lisa said...


Angela said...

You are stunning:)

Anonymous said...

You look great in those photos!

And that's great about the trip this July! It sounds like fun. I'm doing a similar thing in June (except it's for Jews). My hope is that both of us will meet some really cool people to be friends with.

Wishing you well,

The Woollen Typist said...

Photo is amazing and dress looks beautiful on you.

The start of a 'relapse' always feels fine until it suddenly hits you. Trip sounds great and I think it's something to remain positive for and keep eating healthily for.
Hope you are able to up your intake again. xx:)