Thursday, 4 March 2010

Living for the moment

I have decided that if I am going to succeed with recovery I have to start living in the moment. I take each meal and snack one at a time and don't think/panic about the next.

So today was quite average, food wise I've done okish, I had:

Breakfast: Wheetabix and banana
Morning snack( I was hungry): half a red pepper, a satsuma and some grapes.
Lunch: cheese and tomato sandwich, yoghurt.
Afternoon snack (this is where I slipped up): 4 mini Freddo chocolates.
Dinner: rice and chilli. Yoghurt for pudding.

I'm sorry that I keep writing my food down, I know it's boring, but it helps :)

I've noticed recently that a lot of pro ana sites/blogs say things like 'stay strong'. I'm a little confused about this saying- does it mean stay strong and don't eat, or stay strong and don't give up? Can anyone clear this up?

I read this article of the times website and was wondering what others oppinion's are on it? Accurate or not?

How cool is this postsecret by the way? It made me giggle.


mariposai said...

Taking small steps is what recovery is all about. I found it so useful to live from moment to moment, meal to meal, and day to day. Sometimes this approach helps with dealing with other types of stress too ;)

As for the article, all I can say is gross overgeneralisation and it foists all those same old negative stereotypes on young people. The media likes to sneer at and disempower the young. I prefer the Guardian...

Sarah x

sunshine said...

I think you did really well today hun! And you didn't slip up either cause 1) there isn't that much in a Freddo (clue in the "mini" part of their name) and 2) you didn't put down a mini snack so having four earlier on kinda balances out if you ask me...not that you did but anywhoo :)

As for the made me smile, the comparison with the Taliban was rather amusing but apart from it's gross over-exaggeration of what a lot of teenage girls consume. I mean some probably do but seriously, eeew! I remember being away from home on a school trip and the rest of my class eating chips the entire time. In comparison I got funny looks living off green beans, salad and fruit. I thought it was rather sensible personally :P

Ooh, this is a long comment...enjoy :) Stay strong (take that which ever way you like btw) and *lots of hugs* xx

Blue Butterfly said...

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the second last paragraph about her friend being "tiresomely bulimic". I understand that she's being tongue-in-cheek, but at the same time it sounds so critical. As if her friend was doing it deliberately to be difficult, which I seriously doubt was the case.

I guess "stay strong" depends on however you want to interpret it. The amazing P.D coined "stay lovely" which is indeed a lovely way of signing off.

I'll hug you instead. (:

Sairs said...

I think you're doing awesome! I am doing the same right now, living from meal and snack to the next one. I find this so helpful as otherwise I get bogged down in all the meals and I freak out and miss some. Keep up the good work. As for the stay strong, it can mean either way I guess, I try not to use that term as it reminds me of how I started reading blogs and all of them were pro-ana. Now I'm careful what I read as I find it triggering.

i love bows:) said...

hey babe
thanks for your lovely comment on my last post.
your pretty ace yourself!

im gonna read the article in a min, but for the stay strong thing-i write it sometimes, but i mean it as saty strong, hang on in there with recovery-not at all in a pro ana ever really thought of it the other way, but reading what people have said, i might sraty not using it!i quite often say hold tight too, but i mean that in the same way:)

so how about this-

you bloody rock!

love vics xxxx