Thursday, 25 March 2010

10 things you don't know about me.

I remember doing a list of 10 things people didn't know about me on facebook, so I thought I would do a new one here:

1. I sometimes imagine my own funeral (cringe).
2. People that know me think my favourite films are Moulin Rouge and Legally Blonde and equally girlie films. My really favourite films are In Bruges and Crash.
3. I secretly think I am possibly doing the wrong course at university, and maybe I should be doing fashion marketing.
4. I REALLY want to move to America once I've finished my degree...yet I'm so scared to move 50 miles away for uni.
5. I cry at some very odd Ugly Betty and Glee.
6. My mum thinks I'm a virgin. I wish I still was.
7. I HATE commitment. I really can't stand having a boyfriend, I just don't get the appeal of being with someone for a long time (hence why my longest relationship is 2 months).
8. I'm pretty sure I'm turning into my mum and I'm only 17.
9. My biggest fear is death, not my death, other people dying.
10. I wish I had the courage to tell my Dad how proud I am of him for overcoming all the things he's overcome.

So that's my ten. Number 10 is really important. My Dad is incredible and I shouldn't forget this. Here is his story (What I know of it)

My Dad was painfully shy as a child, he never spoke to anyone. His Mum always argued with his Dad, she wanted leave the family, and would tell my Dad how much she wanted to die.

Although they were a poor family, my dad and his brother got scholarships to Cambridge grammer school. My dad was a major geek. He never tried at school, got straight A's at A levels and GCSE's. He got into medical school.

At medical school he had his break down. He was diagnosed as bipolar and stayed in a psych ward for a year. Yet still he was able to get back on his university course a year after, keep fighting for the degree and got it.

He is now married, a GP, has 3 kids and a dog. He never hits, rarely shouts, and is incredibly thoughtful.

Well sorry for the dull post... I will do a food post in a few days.


Nikki said...

wow your dad sounds amazing person, be proud of him, girl. I'm sure that one day you can tell him those words you want

Jennifer said...

This was a beautiful post - THANKYOU for sharing more of yourself with us!

I love how proud you are of your Dad, he sounds awesome!

You are probably strong like him.
Love and thanks for your honesty,
Jennifer xx

Sairs said...

this was an amazing post hun! I loved to read about your dad and it's equally awesome you feel this way. I liked reading your ten things too! Although I'm a lot older than you, I saw myself turning into my mum a few times when I worked in my old job at the uni. I remember one moment the most, I was walking past one of our study rooms and there was some students in there with the light off studying and I opened the door, turned the light on and said, you know you will hurt your eyes if you study in the dark. Then I had an internal cringe, lol! I loved learing about you more!

mariposai said...

What a lovely post - I'm sure your Dad is just as proud of you as you are of him. Maybe one day you will be able to tell him...

Sarah x

Andy said...

Aw hun this is great :) My biggest fear is other people dying as well. Or leaving. But more dying, I can't stand of anyone I know not being allowed to get up an live their lives because they are constrained by death. Number 6 also hits home extremely hard.

Lovely dear :)
Love, Andy

i love bows:) said...

i loved reading this chick, yourdad sounds brilliant, as are you:)

why dont u do fashion marketing then??i secrertly think i should be doing fashion design instead of physio...hmn

lots of love and bow-ness xxxx

Blue Butterfly said...

Your dad is so brave, so brave and so brave.

I really wish I was as strong as him.

I've never thought about my funeral before, but I have wondered how people who know me will react when I am dead. Whether they will remember me, what will they remember of me, morbid melancholic stuff like that.


TheLittleFlower said...

Your dad sounds really wondeful!

I never had the courage to say "i love you" to my dad. I'm too shy to say it!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable!
Thanks for the lovely comment.
Your blog is beautiful.