Sunday, 7 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland-Tim Burton.

Well as we know, I am a fan of Alice. But the film, not so sure. Mia was amazing, johnny was brilliant and helena was hilarious. The graphics were great, but the story.....not so sure. Don't get me wrong it was good, but I LOVE the book, and I don't think they should have called the film 'Alice in Wonderland' because it wasn't! But I would recommend it anyway :)

Food wise, I'm having good days and bad days. At the moment, more bad days. I am trying to hard to make sensible decisions, but I keep failing and eating very unhealthily.

I went out with my friends for a meal and drinks. I left the house for the first time in about 4 months. And I felt...ok! Felt quite good :) But then this guy...I thought he was looking at me...he came over...and looked at me and said "No you're just not my type. No." I didn't even say anything to him first. I felt like that little bit of confidence got stabbed. I was so so upset. I really don't want to go out again.

Thankyou all for the comments


i love bows:) said...

lesson number one babe-boys are rubbish.
lesson number two-they like to say things like that to look big in front of their mates.

and he probably liked you but got scared that you were out of his league!

easy to say, forget him, just an idiot, and your super brilliant, basically, and dont need that rubbish!dont let him spoil the fact you enjoyed going out with your friends:)

im not going to go and see Alice, because i adore the book, and i dont want the pictures i have of it in my head spoilt, yknow.

lots of love
vics xxx

Blue Butterfly said...

What an asshole.

Dear Battle, please don't let him bite a chunk out of your self-confidence. Guys like him should be muzzled permanently (and all their teeth pulled out for good measure).

If you don't want to go out, have your friends come over for a girl's night (in)?


Alice said...

Who goes up to someone and does that? I don't think you should feel bad. You're a very pretty girl. If he can walk up to a woman and say such a thing then he probably wouldn't have been a great date, anyways.

sunshine said...

Ugh, guys are messed up! Don't let him bring you down hun, you're far far better than him. And who the fuck says that to a girl anyway?! What a prick.

As for Alice in Wonderland...I see your point, perhaps a different title would have been more appropriate! Still loved the film and still love the book though :) Have you read Alice Through the Looking Glass? I have it but I can't for the life of me remember what it's about...

*big hugs* xo

Sairs said...

What a pig! Actually that is insulting pigs. i can't believe he didn't that. Don't feel bad at all hun because he seems to have only been showing off in front of his mates. I know it's hard not to think about it too, but don't let him get to you! I agree, you are out of his league!

Jen said...

I'm love Alice too! And Johnny Depp, and Tim Burton, and Disney, so I'm looking forward to see it, but I guess I have to keep in mind that it's not anything like the original story, eh?

And what a jerk! You should definitely not listen to him, and let him make you feel bad. You are amazing, and I hope this doesn't make you don't wanna go out again.. You can do this, and I think you're doing great :)

Love Jen

Ever. said...

Don't worry about bad food days, it's okay to eat unhealthy every so often :)

Wow, that guy is a bitch. Who freaking does that? Don't let him discourage you or hurt your self-confidience, he's not even worth it.

Going out is good, but I agree with Blue, having a girls night in would be awesome too. Have one sometime maybe? Guys, pftt, who needs them :P

Lou Lou said...

if i was his mother i would ground him for life. what an ass. well imsure guys who come and say terrible things to girls are definitly not your type, back atcha mofo!!!!!!
i haven't left my house really in 3 months, blogging has saved me tho I think.
i dont love tim burton, i think he just turns everything scary! kia kaha, stay strong
x lou

mariposai said...

This guy is obviously an idiot and you are better of without him. You deserve someone decent. Don't let some stupid ignorant person ruin your confidence.

Recovery is about good and bad days, in fact we learn an awful lot from bad days, which in the future helps us to have more good days.

And I really want to see the film...if only I had some money...hmmm

Sarah x