Monday, 29 March 2010

Bonjour my friends.

I'm a sucker for a good 'ol promotion. Today I went shopping (this seems to be a regular line in my blog!) and I got offered a deal I just couldn't say no to! For £50 I've got: a haircut, make up/skin consultation, make over, skin cleanse, free drinks for the make over day,a photoshoot, and an A4 picture of my fave photo. I'm so excited! I'm booking it for the 10th and I honestly can't wait!!
Included in the £50 I also get a rather awesome night club offer thingy. I get to take 4 friends to a club of my choice, we get to jump the cue, are on the guestlist and get in free! Wooooo! PARTYYYYY! Or not. I don't know why but this is stressing me out a bit. The best clubs they offer to let you use the voucher for are in London, which requires me getting a train and finding a hotel. Plus I'm not 18 until August so I have to save it till then. I really don't know why this is stressing me so bad.
I ALSO get to take 7 friends to a paint balling session which would normally cost £25 per person. so excited.

Sorry for that mini show off- it couldn't be helped!

Now for an update from the rather depressing last post. Feeling better today, although I'm still struggling with food (shocker) I'm trying to stay positive.

The photo is of a place called Yosemite in California. I went there about 4 years ago and I just love it there. It's really magical, if I could choose one place to be it would be there. Not sitting in bet at 12:30 at night in dark cold England.

Au revoir lovelies, stay positive :)
Oohh ps, if you follow my blog I really want to follow yours, but some of your profiles don't have a link to your blog, so if you comment on my blog then I will be able to see yours and follow you :D


Amber Rochelle said...

I lived in California for 2/3 of my life, and yet somehow I never went to Yosemite. Not sure how I missed out, but maybe I'll make it a point of going one day.

I've just caught up on your recent posts. Sounds like you're having a hard time. I definitely can understand. Hang in there. Wishing you the best.

Ever. said...

Heh, my friend bought me a mug from Yosemite :)
That sounds like such an awesome package deal!! Omg jealousss!!! Sounds a little too good to be true though aha, make sure you aren't getting scammed or anything :)
Glad to see your feeling better,

Jennifer said...

Your package sounds wonderful - i am so proud of you for giving yourself something to look forward to...of course the ED is going to freak you out and make you feel anxious about it, as its something POSITIVE FOR YOU!!
Keep being brave,sweetheart, you are showing courage day by day during your very rough time.

Also, it is my dream/goal to come and visit England - it fascinates me and has a special place in my heart - and my ultimate goal in recovery is to come to the UK and find out why it is in my heart..

Love and admiration,
Jennifer xx said...

I live in CA, and I agree, Yosemite is the best. I went on this amazing hike right next to a waterfall when I was there. It was breathtaking.

Your shopping trip sounds unreal! Very cool.

Take care of yourself.

mariposai said...

Omg I went to Yosemite on holiday too - although it was about 6 years ago when I was 18, but I agree, a beautiful place.

And wowee what a shopping trip - you deserve some happiness and pampering missy :-)

Sarah x

Z. said...

Awh, Yosemite. I'm moving to Colorado this summer. And that's almost as good as California :)

I want to go to the UK and Europe. So lucky you!