Sunday, 28 February 2010

How is all went.

So yesterday went badly, but I actually don't mind.

I did well in the morning, then lunch came and I just binged all afternoon (no purging).But I suspected a few binges.

"Every day is a fresh beginning" so I have written my meal plan, and am ready for this. I want to eat NORMALLY. SANELY. UNEMOTIONALLY.

I think I need to try and dissociate food and comfort, food is only fuel to get me through the day and to supply my body.

So today's meal plan (I know it's boring to read, but it helps to write it here)

Breakfast: Wheetabix with sultanas.
Morning snack: apple.
Lunch: tuna pasta salad.
Afternoon snack (I'm taking all your advice and adding 2 more snacks) satsuma.
Dinner: My mum is making sausages.
Evening snack: raw veg snacks.

I really want today to get well, and I think it can.

Lots of love to you all xxxx


mariposai said...

I am loving your positive attitude and once your body learns to trust you again the urge to binge will be less.

Remember even if things don't go as you'd hoped, learn from them, and then move on. The past has happened, but the future is yours to shape :-)

Sarah x

sunshine said...

Aww, proud of you and how positive you are being :) So good that you aren't letting any little blips slow you down, keep going *hugs* me xx

Rebecca said...

this is a fresh start! a new month! hang in there!

AnaBullshit said...

If you want it, make it happen! You've got this little lady :) It's all about determination and commitment. I believe!