Thursday, 4 February 2010

Day 4. Bloody confused.

Small rant, yesterday I know I did well. I had a small jacket potato and tuna. And a yoghurt. that's it, plus I did about 2 hours of exercise. Then this morning, I was Shocked at the weigh in. Well the first time I weight myself I was 131lbs, same as yesterday. Then I picked up the scales and put them back down (ritual I do lol) and I had suddenly gained a lb in that few seconds! WHAT! I weighed myself like 5 times, and now I seemed to have put on a pound overnight and am 132lbs. crap!! Damn the scales. Damn them to hell!

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Sairs said...

Yeah that always makes me feel like crap when that happens. I guess that's why I have been avoiding the scale. I figure if I don't know, I won't feel bad. Though I know that's much easier to say than to do. Thanks for you comments over my all over the place day. I hope you feel a little better soon.