Tuesday, 2 February 2010

day 2.

Going well...somehow I magically got rid of 2 lbs overnight! Don't know how that happened!

Today I had a 56 cal, no fat yoghurt and a pear (how many calories in a pear? it's been driving me crazy). Dinner is unfortunately egg and chips, I will avoid the egg yellow, and cut up the chips into very small pieces. I have come up with a great reason to avoid puddings and anything sweet for the next few months, I'm telling my parents that because I enjoy them so much I am going to try and give them up over lent, to see if I can do it. Very excited!

My psychology class at the moment is very awkward. We are learning about clinical psychology and what is makes a person 'abnormal'. There have been so many times that eating disorders have cropped up...whenever it does my heart skips a beat, "Bulimic's and anorexics are clearly maladaptive, and their behaviour goes against social norm" "What normal person would starve themselves and make themselves sick" Thanks Miss. Much appreciated.

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Sairs said...

thanks for your comments on my blog when I was having my crazy day yesterday. It really did help :-)