Monday, 8 February 2010

The family

So if you read this I'm sure you have made some general judgements of me... but I realised I haven't said much of my co-stars...the family. So we'll start with the parents.

Dad: Not uber close with my dad, he is a very intelligent, well meaning man, who can be pushy and loves food. He eats a lot and is overweight (the rest of the family bully him for this)

Mum: Mumsy and enthusiastic. Extremely naive, has very high expectations of my behaviour. Used to be very thin, had kids, now complains a lot about her weight.

Brother: lives at university, I nearly forgot to write about him! Very demanding, very intelligent but lazy. Get's what he wants by shouting. Has a disease that means he will never put on much weight.

Sister: I adore her, she's a princess. very independent and artistic, stubborn. Petite and thin...recently been saying she feels fat. Worrying.

So that's the family...what a lovely bunch.


on Other News I finally had my breakdown. I was at church and just broke down my rather brilliant mentor pulled me outside and we talked...I confessed to everything (I've been putting on my 'happy face' recently) She's always confidential and just great to talk to.


Sairs said...

I'm glad you found someone you could talk to when you felt horrible and I'm sorry you had to have the breakdown. I hope you're feeling better now. By the way, I love the little pictures that you use in your posts, they are so cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Battle!

I'm going to start out with a blunt comment. (Okay? Okay!) You're awesome, and I like you.

(Okay? Okay!)

There. Now that the preliminary salutations are discarded and social delicacy is nicely trampled, about your post. That's great that you have someone to talk/break down to.

And about your sister... I don't know. It seems like the large majority of the female population of the world feels fat; it's just hard to know when that crosses into ED territory. Hopefully it's nothing big.