Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Purging at 11pm, not my best idea.

What a silly thing to do, purging before bed. Because the 'bed' part disappears and you stay awake for a veeeery long time. Is it odd that so far I'm enjoying my hyper, purge-high night? It's the first in a long time! Oh well....it's only 1 night.
I was thinking today about my low weight. I'm not going to enclose it, but let's just say people were worried. Today I tried desperately to remember how I got there...and I couldn't! That whole period of time is a bit of a blur of depression and misery...no exact memories, it feels like I lost those months of my life. Very strange!


Ok, I will explain the picture. I googled my name, and she came up. So I decided to write about her (I have no idea who she is, I will write what I think she's like)
I think she is a happy girl. She likes the outdoors, and although from a wealthy background she is very friendly and not snobby. She is quite naive, but wants to learn more. She enjoys a hearty meal, and would love a husband. She is happy, but can't help feeling a bit lonely. Her younger sister is already married, and she feels jealous. All she has is her dog Vittoria.

I know that was random, but I enjoyed it :)


Anonymous said...

Giggle... that's Dolley Madison, the wife of James Madison, who was the US president in the mid 1800s. I did a project on Dolley in school once. She made ice cream a feature in formal White House dinner parties. Which makes me laugh =D

Phantasmagorical Delusion said...

I love your randomness! :D It truly makes me smile (even though I just ate a 380 calorie bagel with 70 calorie schmear on it...pretty hard to make me smile after that, I promise)!

I also love your skeleton story. Sheila! Ha...I bet her thighs are to die for. ;)

I'm glad that Della knew who your mystery lady was...I like both histories, both her real one and the one with Vittoria. ;)

Hope you're well! <3