Friday, 5 February 2010

Bad bad bad few days.

Seriously horrible few days, I'll give you a run down.

Well yesterday was my 2nd university interview, it went ok, plus for the morning and lunch I ate nothing. Then I got home. and ate. And ate. And ate. Today I have done exactly the same, I went to the shops, brought chips. Ate them. Went to different shops. Brought not 1 but 3 tubs of ince cream. Ate 2, purged in the supermarket toilets. Then ate the 3rd tub on the way back to school and purged in the toilets again. I feel...dirty and high.

I havn't slept for the past few nights, and frankly it's messing with my head. Last night I was in so much pain from the amount I'd eaten I really thought I was having a heart attack (yes I know I am a hypocondriac) and I lay in bed and thought finally, I might die, great, I felt so pleased..relieved...

And now my mind is a mess. I can't think straight. To be honest, I feel a tad loopy.

Love to you all x

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Sairs said...

I haven't been sleeping very well either and last night was awful for me. I woke up all night and today have a headache and I'm really tired. I just wanted to say I am reading and I'm thinking of you. You do know that you're awesome don't you ;-)