Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Up and down and round and round.

So today is an up day. A good day. A productive day. Lots of school work done. yay.

Ok so it's time for me to explain a change. Normally I restrict well for 4 days, then binge on the 4th day. But now I have no need or want to binge. So I just keep restricting. I'm happy about this, but also kind of scared, it's like the ED has got a step more serious. My weight stayed constant for today and yesterday, which is brilliant, and I would love to have lost 1lb by tomorrow or just stay at my current weight for another day!

I know this is a boring thing for my lovely, talented writers, but I am going shopping on Saturday so I thought I would write a shopping list:

  • a thin belt.
  • mascara-false lash effect.
  • a statement necklace.
I must stick to this list and not go over it, I am so good at spending A LOT of money.

OOOH I'm going to see 'The Lovely Bones' on Saturday and can't wait! Have any of you seen it?

Sorry for the tres boring post.

P.S anyone want to buy me those Chanel pearls?


mariposai said...

Ooh I'd like to see the lovely bones...but I'm on a tight budget at the moment :(

Don't become a slave to the scale hun, you are worth more than a number...

Sarah x

Andy said...

agreed with sarah.
scales are not friends.
i want those pearls :)
I too wish to see lovely bones, the book was quite good!
Thanks for your comments dear :)

Love, Andy

Sairs said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments hun! I agree too (though I am probably a hypocrite) don't let the scale rule your life, you are worth so much more than that :-)

i love bows:) said...

dont weigh your self worth hon, i know its the biggest cliche but its true. I think a bog part of the illness is the deception that there is a right weight to be-truth is, it wont feel right whatever it is, so you have to fight!

go girl
i love bagpuss!how about the clangers?
il buy you the chanel purls if you buy me some jimmy choos!

haha vics x

i love bows:) said...

haha omgosh i LOVE fashion and clothes and pretty sparkly things. i especially heart motel dresses, they are fab!what sort of stuff do you like?basically, if its got a bow on it i love'd never guess from my blogger name!haha

old skool tele is the best!
vics x

i love bows:) said...

bows are the best!i love chanel:)and i like pucci a lot right niw-not that i can afford any of it, but secret fav thing to do is snuggle down on sofa with vogue!
i write another blog, where i witter on about all this stuff, have a look if you fancy, its

motel rocks!and im such a topshop fiend, im really loving all the nautical stuff from last summer still, and im really into tights woth pretty patterns right now:) do you ever make or design?i love making random dresses and i customise everything!

hehe glad i found a fellow fashionista:)

i love bows:) said...

hahaha i am so eaten up with jealousy that you have a pucci dress!picture please lol, you lucky thing, that must have been some job!ooh i like hoss intropia:) what else are you into? i love the whole nude pink thing at the mo, its lush, got gorgeous lacy nude dress thingy a while ago, but def needs things underneath it haha, my bro got it for me as 'getting into uni present!' lol

my emails if you ever want to chat about anything


sunshine said...

I've seen the "Lovely Bones"'s pretty good though not as good as I hoped :P Scales aren't worth it hunnie, I know it feels amazing when you no longer feel the need to eat or binge but I guess it's not worth it in the long run. Thanks for your lovely comments too, *hugs* x

Jen said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, you understood it, even though it was just a whole page of shit(sorry).
Agree with the rest, scales aren't worth it.. And I'm proud of you for not binging:) Good job!
I tend to spend all my money, plus more, so I think I've got the same problem as you xD Haha ;P

Good luck. Hugs xx

sunshine said...

It's not a stupid question don't worry...Sylvia Plath was a writer and poet from America but she also studied at Cambridge uni. She's most famous for her poems but her book "The Bell Jar" is awesome (little negative but hey). She suffered from severe depression and finally committed suicide in 1963 but I still think she is pretty inspiring. Anywhoo, you probably didn't want to know all that...xx