Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Another good day!?!

Seriously surprised how good this week is going! Not just food wise...but like everything! I haven't felt this good in what feels like months.

One of the reasons was for my joy is SHOPPING! I admint, I'm an addict, I get a massive high from buying something. I'll give a brief run down of my yesterday. So I got up early (as usual) and didn't want to wait until one to meet my friend in town. So I left at 11 and went to the new modern art gallery in my City (I'm an art geek). I then decided to be really *clever* and go to the most expensive shop in my City. Flannels. I saw the 'final reduction' sign and practically sprinted into the shop. So I ended up buying a skirt. Not any skirt. The most beautiful skirt in all of England. And on sale. Perfect. Only £55 ($110 for all you Americans) bargain!! I got such a massive high from this buy, I went to my favourite make up store and brought some £15 ($30) concealer. Followed by a new top...and a black coffee. This was before I'd even started shopping with my friend! I will post a picture of the skirt in my next post. I know these things are only material but they bring me so much happiness!

I got home and read my emails...OHMYGODI'MINTOUNIVERSITY!!!! And the offer is incredible! Only 1 c and 2 d's. which for nursing is pretty rare.

AND this morning I'd dropped 3lbs.

Calm before the storm?

*edit* Just found a picture of the skirt, it looks better on, my friend took a picture of me wearing it so I will put that up as well when she posts it. Sorry I'm a bit too happy about this skirt!

*Another edit* So the pic of me is up. Scuse my face, I was mid way through a convo, and excuse my hideous legs.


Sairs said...

so glad you find shopping so much fun, I do too, lol! I love love love to shop and even if I buy something really small and cheap, I still feel happy! You should see me when I buy something big, that has boxes, I am almost beside myself with joy! Getting things in boxes (or bags, I won't discriminate) it's so much fun! Thanks too for your lovely comments. OH and by the way, I like this skirt, it would look awful on me because I hate skirts but I bet it looks really good on you and can't wait to see your pic!!!!!!

sunshine said...

Yee, love shopping too! Glad you had good day :) Take care x

Sairs said...

love the skirt on you hun, it looks good :-)

PeriAdot (G+P) said...

*steals the pretty skirt* is mine nao! Muahahahahaaaa!! 55pounds!! That's in insane amounts of kiwi money!

Lol customer service of any form leaves you wanting to murder. Especially people who ask if the live mussels are fresh -.-;

Congrats in getting into uni! :D You go!!