Tuesday, 1 June 2010

positive thinking.

Positive thinking has been going surprisingly well! Here is a list of POSITIVE things that have been happening:

1. I met up with my fabulous mentor...she is truly amazing, she's properly my angel at the moment.
2. Revision is going well!!
3. I'm starting to really look forward to my future...I really want to be a nurse.
4. Even though my eating habits are very, very questionable it's not having a big influence on my mood at the moment :)
5. I have the most amazing followers ever.

I have a dilemma. There's a guy (why do dilemma's always start this way?!). And I know that he likes me. And I don't like him in that way, but I really want to be his friend. I agreed to meet up with him for a coffee for Friday, but I feel like I'm leading him on, and that's just NOT fair on him, I guess in a way I do lead him on sometimes (unintentionally). What do I do?? Cancel? Tell him? ARGH!

Here are some questions for you.

1. Describe yourself in five or less words.
2. You have won one million pounds in the lottery....what do you do first?


mariposai said...

Be honest with him and say you just want friendship and nothing more..?

I will describe myself in one word: colourful!

Glad you are feeling positive about stuff :-)

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

First, I'm glad you are positive!
Tell him how you feel. That way, he knows, and you don't lead him on. I hope he would want to be just friends with you because you are amazing.

Myself in 3 words: Dreamer, creative, lover.

oh wow: Maine, I don't know what I would do with 1 million. I'll be under too much pressure. I don't think I want to win it. haha.


Sairs said...

Yes tell him how you feel, I agree! I hope you're okay though!

Me "silly fun sense of humour"

Lottery "I think I'm probably be the only one who wouldn't want to win. I think that changes you and it can be for the worse. Then you don't know if your friends and especially new friends are really your friends. I don't want to ever win the lottery"

Anonymous said...

Oh boys :P
Tell him. It wins hands down.


Cleo said...

★★ First of all I love your blog. Before I say - well technically type anything else I thought I should tell you that first.

Secondly I too would tell the boy how you feel even if it leads to a slight awkwardness. You don't want to be dealing with a Romeo Montague who you only think of as a friend; an exhausting prospect for both parties.

Five words to describe me? Excuse me whilst I find my thesaurus; I want to seem clever than I actually am...Okay five words to describe me would be: childish, obsessive, funny, daydreamer, bookworm.

And if I won the lottery I would lie in a bath full of my money and drink pink champagne. Boy do I know how to live.

Once again great blog. ★★

i love bows:) said...

hehe everyone loves you babes:)is it cos your cool?....yer it really is hahha i used to love that moose T song.

im proud of your positive things.seperating the questionable from the feelings is more than half the battle.

girls will be girls, boys will be boys.therefore we are liked programmed to be a bit flirty, and they are programmed to occasionaly resemble a little yappy dog that spends its time shagging peoples legs...actually that sounded better in my head!
anyway, what i mean is this-doesnt matter if you think u led him on.just text him or something and say 'hey be fab to see you on fri, but im kinda looking for a freind right now, is that cool?'
or just toddle along on friday and mention it then.theres no law that says you have to date him after going for a coffee, and you can always tell him that hahahaha!

lol i should really shut up now!

i cant think of how to describe me(apart from super cool loser, now theres an oxy-moron!!) but with a million, id take over the world with my granny clothes designs!

love youuu!!!xxxxxps im sooo excited to see you in st ives!

Anonymous said...

So, I just came back to say thanks for the wonderful comment. No one has ever called me a poet.
Little things like that make my day.


NabilaHazirah said...

So glad to hear about the positive news. :D

About the guy: I think you should just tell him how you really feel about him.


2.i'll buy a gigantic bookstore. LOL!

Mano said...


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