Monday, 7 June 2010

Can you tell I'm goal oriented?

Well thank you for answering my slightly bonkers questions. Here are my answers: if I could have any power - to know every single language in the world. The possibilities would be endless. And second question - 2 bums, you could just wear skirts and dresses to cover it :)

New goals. Long term life aims. Just to add to my list, this list is going to go on the side of my profile and I will cross them off as I go.

1. Become bilingual...we all know I want to speak French, nothing new there.
2. Buy a plane ticket for the next day for somewhere....anywhere, on my own.
3. Go and watch the London Olympics in 2012.
4. Face my fear and SKYDIVE.
5. Walk (some of) the great wall of China.
6. Go on a gondola in Venice.
7. Make a three tiered cake.
8. Create my family tree.
9. Go to a Spain, make friends with a fisherman and eat fresh fish with them.
10. Go on a hot air balloon.
11. Scuba dive in the barrier reef.
12. Grow my own vegetable patch.
13. Send Christmas in a beach drinking Pina Colada's.
14. Sleep under the stars on a beach.
15. Go back to Yosemite.
16. Fall completely and utterly in love.
17. Spend New Year's eve partying in New York.
18. Send a message in a bottle.
19. Learn to make cocktails.
20. Go skinny dipping at midnight in Majorca.
21. Swim with dolphins.
22. Learn to ballroom dance properly.
23. Sit on a jury.
24. Fly first class.
25. Have a child.
26. Have a coffee on the sidewalk in Paris.
27. Take a picture of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.
28. Buy 12 roses...for myself.
29. Have sex with someone I REALLY love and who lovely me back.
30. Pass my A levels so I get into university.
31. Buy a sari from India.
32. Live in America, New Zealand and France for at least a year each.
33. Own a piece of diamond jewellery.
34. Donate to a charity anonymously.
35. Learn yoga.
36. Stay up all night.
37. Eat Sushi at a sushi bar.
38. Become someone's mentor.
39. Spend at entire day naked.
40. Get an article in a paper or magazine published.
41. Camp in the desert.
42. Go a year without watching TV.
43. Cook Christmas diner for my family.
44. Be an extra in a TV show.
45. Watch the cheese rolling competitions in Gloucestershire.
46. Go and watch the Eurovision Song Contest.
47. Have a spa day.
48. Drink abesynthe.
49. Get my teeth whitened.
50. Learn to ski.

Okay this list was boring for you guys to read, but I just love coming up with things to do before I die.

Quick food update: restricting a lot this. 1/2 a can of tuna for lunch, diner with family. Working out. Purging. BUT on the positive, I feel like I'm in a really good place, I'm not feeling down or sad.

1. What on my list have you done?
2. Is there anything you would add to my list?


Anonymous said...

I only did one thing from your list (so far): Learning to ski.
We went on a field trip with my school, and learned how to ski within a week. I was terribly untalented so I almost killed myself by being not able to stop falling down that mountain. ouch.

Eating Alone said...

I've done 17. 1 of them I can't do (I don't have the pluming) and let's face it number Number 42 is just a total heresy.

I want to do 3,4,10,11 (maybe next year), and 17. Of those 11 looks like it might happen next year.

I'm totally letting you slide on the eating because I'm screwing up my own so much.

sunshine said...

ooh, i love lists like these ...writing them and reading other people's! i think i just like dreams :)

of your list i have done no. 6, 8, 26, 35, and 40.

and year without tv? ...i couldn't survive!


Jennifer said...

This is an AWESOME LIST!
GOOD ON YOU for having so many goals to look forward to,sweetheart!
I have done numbers 14, 16, 18, 29,30, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 43, 47.
And now i have HEAPS MORE OF YOURS that i would LOVE to do!
THANKYOU for this post.
Jennifer xxoo

Blue Butterfly said...

I've been to the Great Wall of China before! I was twelve, and the steps were terrifyingly steep. The view was/is MAGNIFICENT though. But the history behind the Great Wall is rather sobering.

Hmm that would be 1, 5, 30, 36, 40, 42, 43 for me.

Let's challenge ourselves by commenting on each other's blogs in French by the end of the year! How about that? (:


P/s - It's quite embarrassing how I did French in school for five years and I'm still tongue-tied when it comes to speaking it.

mariposai said...

Ooh good list - not boring to read at all..I love reading other peoples lists..

Number 9 is a good one ;) I've been to Venice (not on a gondola though), New York (but not on New Years Eve), Yosemite, and I was asked to do jury duty, but was in treatment at the time, so had to say no! I bought 12 roses for myself when I was doing my floristry course, I've passed my A-levels and done uni, been a mentor, had articles published...ok I'm probably boring you now!

On a more serious note, please be careful... achieving your goals will be much harder, if not impossible with an ED breathing down your neck...

Sarah x

i love bows:) said...

hey babes:)

i LOVE this!weirdly i struggle to write this kind of thing though.

i have done-1(spanish.well, technically i was when i was a LOT younger, and id struggle now.oooh and cornish hahahahahahaha), 2 (paris.was great!i went in chanel.and ate croissants), 7(it fell apart though!), 14, 16(i am so in love right REALLY), 18 (though i REALLY want to do it again!maybe we should do this one in st ives when you come down!), 19 (i worked in a bar for a while), 26(cafe au lait!), im working on 29(see my other blog, actually, thats a really weird post i wrote!), 30-though i did the worng course, 33 (i lost it though!tiffany necklace), 34 (id tell you the charity, bt then it wouldnt be annonymous!), 36, 37(i hate sushi though), id love to do 38, good luck with 27, i desperately want 25, ive done 14 lots(cornwall kinda handy sometimes), i did 42 for a year and a half...and now i ONLY watch spooks and skins.i dont do tv, 46-im totally with you, dont bother with 48, you'l just puke, and 47 is a must.

sorry, that was longer than your entire post lol

you go girl!


birdie's poetry said...

I saw this and just had to comment. I have done number 5 (The Great Wall), 24 (First Class), 30 (passing school to get into University) 35 (Yoga), 38 (Become a metor, albeit unconciously), 49 (Teeth Whitened) and 50 (Learn to Ski).

I live in America, I'm not sure if I've told you. I also live in a climate that would make it quite easy to spend Christmas sipping Pina Colada's on the beach. I would house you for a year, no problem! And I am certainly not even kidding on this :) if you want to take a break for a year before you go to University, let me know :) I love housing people!

birdie's poetry said...

by the way, I just realized I commented on my private blog, but this is Le Jeune Fille a les ouiseaux :)