Thursday, 3 June 2010

Relapse (and boy update).

First off, I told the boy, and he still wants to meet up. Thank you for the advice, clearly I took it :) I'm just relieved that he knows I'm not interested. I'm going out for coffee with him on Friday, I will keep you updated.

Secondly, I am pretty sure I can call my current situation 'relapse'. I've been a bit quiet about what I've been eating. Here is what has happened in the last few months to my intake:

recovery food:

Breakfast: Ready break with milk and sultanas.
Lunch: A sandwich, 2 pieces of fruit and a small chocolate bar.
Afternoon snack: fruit.
Dinner: What ever my family were eating....something like lasagne.
Evening snack: small piece of chocolate.

Gradually I decided to start using water in the ready break....I took out the sultanas. I measured EXACTLY how much ready break. One day I missed it. And I 'remembered' I can cope without breakfast. So now it's coffee for breakfast.

Lunch, I took out chocolate, then the sandwhich, replaced it for a salad, then that moced to 2 pieces of fruit for lunch. Now I have 1/2 a small can of tuna for lunch.

Dinner: I still have dinner with my family. But I seem to be purging it more and more regularly.

I'm sorry if this was triggering, I just want to stay accountable.


1. You have one day to be someone else, who do you choose?
2. Have you got any decent revision tips?


i love bows:) said...

hey babes

its good to stary accountable.
im kinda feeling the same way, but in reverse.i think im eating way too much to convince myself all is well, and now im having a fit about how much weight ive put on.o9r maybe the weight gain is from not purging so much.truth is, i dont know anymore.

breakfast helps stop you binging-FACT.

the thing is, i guess you can only really up when you are ready to.i do think you need to think about not restricting so much, but its only cos i worry babes. but the only way you'l ever be ok with that, is when you are ready to do can only truly recover for yourself.

hmn, revision tips-eat breakfast!try and stick to a plan, and write lots of lists. i like ticking things off!theres only so much yo can learn in a day. i used to make nots of my revision notes and then rewrite them unitl i knew it by heart.that works for me.

if i f oculd be anyone in the world, right now-id be lily allen. or the editor for vogue, and take over the fashion world wth my granny designs. or maybe just someone that had someone to tell themit was going to be ok.

lots of love xxxx

Sairs said...

You know what helps me stop bingeing. I eat a mini chocolate at lunch and a mini chocolate at dinner and then I don't want to eat a whole family size block of chocolate. It's true it doesn't always works, but vicki is right breakfast does stop bingeing. I have oatmeal with sultanas in it every day with a little bit of honey. I couldn't function without breakfast.

i love bows:) said...

hey babes
you dont have to say thanks for my comments, i love leaving you my random waffle, and im always surprised you dont go-omg shes lost it, i cant be bothered to read that hahahahah

thanks for making me feel better.I realy did need someone to get that i wasnt being totally-EDified in saying it.

now i need some fashionesta advice sil vous plait!
what shall i do with my hair!as a de-stressing from coursework treat, my best friends mum go my a voucher for my birthday. and i dont know what to do with my hair now!its mid lenghth at the mo, and really think, so layers, hell yeh. i was thinking toi get it layered really short at the top, and choppy, then leave the lennght underneath?but that might look lame.whatever i do i always end up looking emo haha
and i think i need a fringe again.ive got a side one at mo, but i think i want a forward one, cut at a slant, like emily had in the thrid series of skins?i might have to send u pics to see what you think, it can be a study break mission!

xxxx ooh my other revsion tactic.apparantly i cannot learn anything without eating large quantities of bluberries, something i have never been able to explain!and someties being mildly drunk helps, but i didnt tell you that! xxx

Eating Alone said...

Revision Tip - Find a person that you can tell what you are eating to every day. Writing them out here is a good start but having to tell someone face to face or on the phone what you are doing is the best.

Anyone? I think I would be an astronaut. Just to be in space. I think looking down at the world would be so great, or maybe one of the ones that stood on the moon. Such a feeling.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you told him.
I wish I could help you with your eating. I'm not of good use when it comes to that. :(

I would be a photographer, and capture every single second of life through my lens.


Anonymous said...

i don't know who i want to be.. i've never really thought about it, but i'll get back to you on that one.
my revision skills are next to none existent. i'm a crammer. which is bad. but making colourful notes is supposed to help, it makes them more fun.

Cleo said...

★★ If I could be anyone I think I would be the Incredibly Shrinking Girl in a travelling circus. And who says I don't have ambitions?!

Revision techniques? Oh dearie I just turned up to exams and prayed that Einstein's brain would suddenly become mine. In case you're interested, in never worked.

Glad everything went okay with the boy. ★★

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

That original meal plan sounded so extremely healthy and I am so sorry that your mind took you on a dark turn. I wish I had revision tips- I honest to God do, but I have no clue.

and I would be myself for the day! Because, as Judy Garland said, "It's better to be a first-rate version of yourself then a second-rate version of someone else" :)

you should be yourself always too because I like you!

i love bows:) said...

thanks for the new hair do love babes!!!!!

i so love it hahaha im not a bit modest lol, NOT!!!!

tell me about coffee with the boy!i have no excitement in my life right now, so need a share in yours hahah

xxxxmwah xxxx

mariposai said...

I'm glad you are being honest and accountable, and it shows how easy it is for things to slip backwards. Just remember that it's not too late to get back on track, although the longer you leave it, the harder it will get.

Revision? I used to read it all out loud to myself over and over so that I saw it, spoke it and heard it to get the information in. I also used copious amounts of highlighter.

Sarah x

NabilaHazirah said...

i think your plan seems to be working out quite well. Just make sure to keep maintain and balance it :)


question 1 is so hard i can't find the right answer :(

2. my tip is; practice your revison quite frequently or just pay attention in class.
(i'd rather pay attention cause I'm very lazy to practice! LOL!)