Friday, 29 April 2011


Thank you my lovelies, especially you Vicki for the support and love you've been sending me.

Yesterday I didn't want to eat. At all. I went out with my BEST friend C, we went shopping then out for a meal and I was in turmoil over what to get. I ended up eating so much. I hate myself for it.  Sandwhiches, scones, a cake, urgh. So I didn't have dinner. I ended up going out last night with all my friends and drinking quite a lot. Right this moment I'm watching the royal wedding and I've only had 3 hours sleep. It started off as a great night but by 3 I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. My friends wanted to stay so I did....until half 4. I was so stressed out and tired and just wanted to leave but I didn't have any money.

I weighed the same today as I did yesterday which I'm okay with. My daily calorie intake is around 1000-1500.

Not to going to lie....still a little drunk....goinbg to cut this post short :D

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