Monday, 18 April 2011

Life update time!

Eating wise my life is very up and down. Yesterday I dropped two pounds, today I overate. The urge to purge gets greater and greater. I want so bad to loose weight. I'm doing 4 exercise classes a week, my friends say I've toned up, but I just see a big flabby mess. I weigh too much. 

On more positive news (cause sometimes pity parties aren't fun) I am still enjoying my job, I got a much better job review than I thought I would, and I'm finally making some real friends there. 

Another positive: I have just discovered the amazing world of fake tan. I brought an £8 bottle and I love it. Normally I am EXTREMELY  pale so it's lovely to have a glow. Plus I've just brought some great new makeup. I'm starting to look a little fake though... fake tan, fake eyelashes, lots of make up. I'm still considering a boob job and botox. 

Sorry I've been so distant on your blogs!


Zena said...

Thinking of you, knowing how tough getting rid of the Ed thoughts are, you will make it, keep plugging, your strong, I know this, you will be in my prayers.

Much love


Lisa said...

I wish ED would go to hell. I'm with Tara, the weight stuff is such a messy sticky peice of shit. Stay strong, you can do this. I'm glad things seem to be a bit happier :)


i love bows:) said...

lots of love xxxx

Anonymous said...

I found your blog yesterday and read it all. You really did some progress!
I was never diagnosed with an eating disorder but I know my relation with food isn't normal. I overeat several times, I'm obsessed wiht calories, I do sports to burn calories (and not just because I enjoy them). Sometimes I throw up if i've "eaten too much". There are also some periods where I starve...

Reading your blog helped me a lot because it's so different from the others I read previously, you know?

Thanks for your help, keep writing!

(ps- i'm portugese and that's why my english is not so good)