Friday, 8 April 2011

Not drinking challenge: Fale.

I went out last night with my best friend. I was planning on limiting the number of drinks I didn't go quite to plan. I ended up having 3 smirnoffs, 3 shots, 2 cocktails, 2 vodka and lemonades. Whoops! I was actually at an alright level of drunk (in that I don't feel too bad today) unforunatly I did kiss one random guy which I didn't really want to do as I am trying to cut down on the amount of guys I just randomly get with.  I also had a major drunken binge. It involved Mcdonalds...and lots of it. Me and my friend always do this after a night out...last night it was....
  • One big mac
  • 6 chicken nuggets
  • fries
  • cherry pie.
Oh Lord that list is bad. Luckily this morning I hadn't put on any weight (thank goodness for spin class). 

As you may be able to tell from the tone of my post I am still trying to loose weight. I want to post my daily intake so if you get triggered by looking please don't read on:

Breakfast: Wheetabix.
Lunch: half a can of soup, 2 rhyvita, 1 banana, a yoghurt.
Dinner: Whatever my family are cooking
Snacks: coffee, diet coke, gum. 

I'm also planning on giving up chocolate after easter, kind of my own version of lent. 


PerfectingmyEmptiness said...

you are such a beautiful girl:)
Take good care of your beautiful mind and BODY

Anonymous said...

Maybe last night you weren't able to stick to your goals, but that doesn't mean you failed. If I have learned anything from the last 15 years is that life is a process and goals take time to reach. And we often falter, but I guess that's just part of being human (or so I'm told). Go easy on yourself. You may still reach your goals!

Wishing you well,

Lisa said...

One battle lost doesn't mean the war is lost. You can do this. You're gorgeous, take care of yourself. You can beat this and get where you want to be!!!!


i love bows:) said...

Ellie, you are SOOO pretty :)

ha i love woo woo :)

try not to worry about the macdonalds thing...its an occasional thing, and you wont gain weight from it if its only now and then...and your body prob used all the energy from it processing the drink anyway!lol

thanks for your lovely comment, and sorry im not around much on here anymore...weird times.

but you are truly gorgeous el :)

take care lovely