Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spin class.....killer.

This morning I went to my first ever spin class....for those who don't know spin class involves a bike where you increase and decrease the intensity. It's suuchhh hard work. I've never done an exercise class before. Ive booked myself in for one tomorrow :)

I am also interested in pilates, and am booking myself into a beginer pilates class for a few weeks. The only problem I have is I get really embarrassed about how red my face goes. Like literally tomato red. Any tips to stop the redness??

Tonight is my first not getting drunk challenge. I am going out with my best friend who's back from uni and we are having a big night out. I'm actually nervous!! I'm off now to go shopping for an outfit.

I'm trying to loose weight. just a few pounds. 5 at most.

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Incredible Eating Anorexics said...

ignore the redness. serious,i have the same issue without exercise, my face flares up. its embarrassing, which makes the redness worse, obviously, but it goes away quicker if you ignore it. x