Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Running success!

Yesterday I went for my first proper run EVER. I challenged myself and decided to run home from work (3.6 miles) I took my running gear to work and at 6:30 my run started! And I was pleseantly surprised..I honestly didn't think I would be able to run very far, maybe run a few minutes walk and repeat. But I kept going and kept going and ran the whole way. It took me quite a long time (40 minutes) but there is a HUGE hill at the end of the run which took me quite a while. Hopefully the more I run home the faster I will get. I really enjoyed it. It's so freeing to all your daily problems.

Food wise I was still pretty restrictive. Yogurt, veg, ranch dip, creme egg, salmon pasta, rhyvita with marmalade,  a small piece of pie. That's what I ate. I have dropped another 0.4lbs. I have 1.6lbs to loose before my first 'goal weight'. I would ideally like to loose 8lbs in total.

I am focusing so much on self control at the moment. I feel like I've always lacked self control and now I'm testing myself.

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Sairs said...

Good for your for going for the run and feeling good about it. I am so unfit I don't think I could do that. Also good on you for the healthy foods :)