Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What would you keep the same in your life?

First of, I really want to say thank you to all of the fabulous people that comment. I REALLY appreciate it!!!!!

My last post made me seem a little like a Debbie Downer, so today I am going to be super positive and write some things I most definitely would NOT change about my past:
1. I wouldn't change my current friends. They are funny and kind, and put me in a good mood when I'm not feeling great.
2. I would not change this blog. I am SO glad I started this blog. It's very theraputic to write, and also I ADORE reading all of your blogs.
3. Telling my parents about my eating disorder. Yes it sucks that they don't 100% trust me with food, but that is a GOOD thing. I'm actually really proud of myself for getting the courage to tell them.
4. Quitting cheerleading. As much as I miss it, I can see how much it was consuming me and feeding into my ED.
5. Even though I'm sad I lost my virginity to someone who ignores me, I don't regret going out with him. I learnt a lot about how to act around guys, and going out with him challenged my commitment fears.
6. I don't regret my choice of A levels. They are very varied and I enjoy them all in different ways.

Okay, on other news I am coping pretty well at the moment! My sleep pattern is a little questionable. My food intake is too small. But my emotions are good. I feel calm, happy and content.


mariposai said...

I'm glad there is plenty you don't regret. I certainly don't regret giving recovery a go, I also don't regret giving up my PhD scholarship, going public with my story, and going for a job I initially didn't want but am now kind of excited about :-)

Sarah x

Charr. said...

I like your positive list :) I have so much trouble seeing things in a good light like that haha.
You were brave to tell your parents, and I'm glad you did <3 Glad to hear you're doing well ^^

Anonymous said...

It's great you are able to find the parts of your life you wouldn't change too. And even though you may have regrets, everyone makes mistakes and that's how we learn. :)
Take care,
Cassie x

Eating Alone said...

Glad to see the positives. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog!! :)

I like your positive list. Glad your feeling happy and well!

Dana <3

Anonymous said...

You are brave for telling us these things.
I like your list.
I also like your new blog layout. It is very pretty.


Anonymous said...

I think it's an amazing thing to accept what we've been through and realize how much it's shaped us into a better person!

Sairs said...

The girl who kicked the hornets nest is good! I am only up to about chapter 6 but I love it. I loved the first two as well. Well worth the read I think. Thanks for your lovely comments and oh, love the patchwork background :-)

NabilaHazirah said...

i think you're list is good! And great positive attitude! You're such a strong women. You'll achieve your goal someday. I have faith in you!


P.S. love the new layout.