Monday, 17 May 2010

If you could change the past, would you?

I've heard countless people say "Of course I wouldn't change anything! You learn from everything!" Well no matter how much people say this I would still change quite a lot. Here is a list of some things I would change:

1. I wouldn't of been so rude to my teachers. I can see now how much that would of annoyed them.
2. I wouldn't have got so drunk on Christian camp (NOT one of my proudest moments.) Me and 2 other girls went to a pub and got hammered, turned up back at the camp and got caught...luckily they didn't realise quite how drunk I was. This was such a bad time.
3. I wouldn't have quit ballet. I miss it.
4. I would have made my Dad a birthday card this year. I brought him a card and wrote a poem but I wish I had drawn one, it would have meant a lot.
5. I wouldn't of worn those HIDEOUS bright turquoise trousers to the school disco when I was 10.
6. I would of looked after my hamsters better. Poor little One Eye (the poor little guy got into a fight with his brother...hence one eye.)
7. I wouldn't have lost my virginity to the person I did. I see him everyday and can't help but feel sad that we act like we are strangers.
8. I wouldn't of watched Star Wars when I was nightmares for 2 years (I get scared easily okay?!)
9. I wouldn't have stayed friends with someone who lied to me constantly and bitched about me. I was too scared to say anything "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" is not true. It just makes you miserable.
10. I wouldn't of binged yesterday. Damn.

Okay, so there are 10 of the many things I would change.

ps. I just found this picture of a dog in a wig. Made me giggle.


peyton sunshine said...

i would change the past too, of all the things i wish 1) like you i'd never quit ballet and 2) hadn't pretended to recover in ip just to get discharged...biggest mistake of my life, humph.

*hugs* i guess we can only change the future though, darn. xo

NabilaHazirah said...

i would most definitely want to change the past if i could.
I've done so many stupid mistakes!

I'm so sorry you had a friend like that. (no.9)

I guess we can from our mistakes that we made from the past and improve ourselves,so that the future will be better :)


Andy said...



seven is so unbelievably true.

I'm sorry dear.

mariposai said...

I'm going to be stubborn and stand by my unwillingness to change the past :P hehe I've learnt so much from it, good bits and bad.

Sarah x

Eating Alone said...

This is a good list, but now I need to see a list of 7 things that you wouldn't change.

Anonymous said...

i'd change a lot too.
its number nine for me.

ps - thank you for commenting and following :)

i love bows:) said...

i like this post,not that youd change stuff-cos that implies sad things, but the positive spin all your 'i would changes' have.

that prob makes no sense, but then again, whats new!!!

my truth is, that i dont know.There is so much i want to change-i would NOT have gone to that party, and i WOULD NOT have talked to that guy, and then gone outside. I wouldnt have started cutting. i weouldnt have just drifted along for so long.

But the thing is-i guess i ahd to get to A to B somehow.and now i REALLY know what to do with my life.

But things i really wish i could change-i wish i could have helped mum more, and i wish she was still alive, so i could have a chance to make it right. and i also really wish i hadnt told home treatment team i was totally ok, so they would discharge me last week.

i told you this was hypocritical nonsense.

for the record, El, there is NOTHING wrong with torqouise flares hahaha

i wore soooo much worse!and still do, to be honest hahaha

re boys and *7-its ok to regret things.its a shame.because you do tend to remember that kind of thing. But you can make the next time count.and when you really find the right person, well, babe, it just wipes it all out:)