Thursday, 6 May 2010

Boy update.

WELL. Me and the ex talked. I told him I regretted the break up. He told me he still liked me. But needs time to think. He asked me on a date (type thing). I'm going round to his house, he's driving us to the film shop...we'll pick a film...take a trip to the supermarket...get some food. And head back to his :D I'm very. VERY excited. As excited as I am, I do remember that there are reasons I dumped him...which is why I need advice.

So the main reason I broke up with him is because of sex (Obviously I didn't tell him this, I made up a different reason). I had sex (for the first time) with him after 2 weeks of seeing him, it really hurt :( . I had sex because I thought I 'owed' it to him because I was going out with him. I know if I told him this he would of been really understanding but I HATE talking about my feelings with guys. Really hate it. So I dumped him to get away from having to talk. So IF we go out again, obviously the same problem will happen. So how do I deal with it better?

On other news I'm still the same weight...I want to loose 1 pound by sunday. Doable. Also I've cut out breakfast. DAMN IT. Once it's cut out it's so hard to bring back into the diet. Grrrr.


mariposai said...

Hun you should never ever feel obligated into doing something that you don't want to do. If he is a genuine guy, then he won't pressurise you into anything - people are often more understanding than you can anticipate. Being able to say no when you need to is pivotal in respecting yourself :-)

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I agree with mariposai.
I told my bf I'm not ready for sex, and he hasn't talked to me about doing it since then. Some guys are understanding like you said.
I hope you have fun on you date.
Follow your heart sweetie. we can only advice you, but only you knows what is best for you.


NabilaHazirah said...

I know what you mean about hating to talk your feelings out with guys but in this case,if you're not ready and feel uncomfortable then you need to tell him that.
If he's understanding,then he won't pressure you into anything.
Hope that helps! :)
Best wishes!