Thursday, 13 May 2010

Awards :)

First off, thank you so much all that have been commenting :) You have no idea how much I have appreciated them!

Okay, I got the beautiful blogger award from Andy at Breaking Through . Thank you lovely! So first of, the seven bloggers I am taggings. This is really hard to chose!!

1. Vicki as she is so supportive and is so up to help me. She has an amazing ability to make me feel better when I don't feel so happy.
2. Andy who is SUCH an inspiration. She's very honest which I love and she's great at giving advice :)
3. Sairs who's insights I really appreciate and is just a down right fabulous person.
4. Mariposa Inspiring! Her outlook on recovery gives me A LOT of hope! Her writing is beautiful!
5. Tywo who's comments always bring a smile to my face :)
6. Now is Now writes so beautifully and has SO much strength!

Okay, now I have to give my 7 secrets:

1. I don't really know if I want to work...I sometimes wish I lived in a time when women got married and raised children. I think I'm a housewife at heart!
2. I'm really, truly scared of turning into my mother...not because I don't love her, but because when I was younger I was DETERMINED to do something different...have a life that my children would be proud of.
3. I am so intimidated my boys...but only boys which I think of as 'better' than me (better looking/ funnier). I really find it hard to overcome this shyness.
4. I love being drunk. Really love it. The loss of inhibition makes me so happy. I turn into someone I want to be- outgoing, happy, confident.
5. It scares me that I wouldn't be able to get onto an eating disorder program because I am too fat.
6. I pretend I'm a dumb blonde because I'm scared of being seen as a 'square'.
7. I act incredibly differently around different people. I turn into some one else around certain people. I am so confused about which 'me' I really am.


Sairs said...

thanks hun for the award and the lovely words. I am struggling to post today, so this will give me something to post about! You are beautiful by the way :-)

mariposai said...

Aw thank you chick - I have nominated you for this too in my latest post :-)

You are beautiful.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Number 7 is so true about me too! I act different everywhere, but at the end of the day, I still end up being the weirdo!
Oh my, thank you so much!!!!!