Monday, 3 January 2011

Sorry for the double post but this has got to be seen.

This is so sad. When she's at the table with a hat on, a coat on, obviously freezing. It's just incredibly sad.


ps. In part two she says "I always thought that if there is something wrong with me people would care about me more." This is what I've felt for so long.


Zena said...

That poor girl, it breaks my heart, I have never been anywhere near that small , but allot of times felt so unworthy of tx because I was to "fat" all the while being to thin, I used to feel if I was sick enough then someone would care/save me from myself, I no longer feel that way, my disorder, is mine, and at times feels that is the only "thing" that is just mine, its so very very sad, My heart goes out to that poor women, its gut wrenching, I pray that somehow she can get some serious help, and let it serve as a message to young girls how severly dangerous, decetptive and disgusting Eating Disorders really are.

Thankyou for sharing that.

Love, Tara

i love bows:) said...


one of those things when theres really not much to say.

lots of love el


Anonymous said...

I've seen that clip before. It's scary, partially because I feel so many of the same things she feels.

And that quote you cited-- that's how I feel too.

Wishing you well,

Jen said...

Wow. That's scary. That poor, poor girl..

Hope you're okay, hon.
Love, Jen