Thursday, 13 January 2011

Friends can bring you back.

As I mentioned yesterday night I went out with my friends. It was so lovely to be out with them and actually I didn't feel shy or fat at all. It really put me back in a good mood. Sometimes friends bring you out of that black mood.
I woke up today feeling productive I have been to the gym this morning, booked my driving theory test, and sorted out a new phone. I have also eaten well so far today. I had wheetabix for breakfast then for lunch I made an omelette (I NEVER cook so I was quite proud of my not exactly perfect looking meal. It was tasty :) I am going out for a meal with my old work friends today and I am giving myself permission to eat what I want.

Now another issue I would like to address, a comment I received on my last post. "You should delete this blog. I know it's a sanctuary but it's probably making you care more about this stuff. I deleted my blog recently and my life has been so different." Well this comment got me a little annoyed. First off, don't tell me what I 'should' do. Also I find that writing what I eat here actually helps me feel better about it. For example yesterday after writing what I ate I looked at the list and realised it wasn't so awful. Also this blog is the place where I can be honest and I truly enjoy having this blog.

ps. You've all been so awesome recently and truly supportive thank you!


Heather said...

Noone has the right to tell you what to do, I think you're doing awesome, and your list was not at all awful so keep positive.
Glad you had a good night out, you're right, friends are great for picking you up.
Enjoy your meal out! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun with your friends! Maybe this is because I'm a psychology student, but I am always amazed by how social people are evolved to be. We're not meant to be alone, and we feel good (usually) when we are around others.

Wishing you well,