Monday, 17 January 2011

Back to proper eating please.

I've been really unhealthy these last few days, eating a lot of 'binge foods'. My weight has risen quite a lot. So, my decision today is that I NEED to stop weighing myself. I'm going to go from every day to once every two days, then slowly less and less. I'm trying to get my eating back to a decent amount of good foods. Today I've had:
wheetabix and a banana
a bagel with cheese.
5 mini chocolates.
a yoghurt.

I won't have any more food until dinner. This seems enough for me!

Work yesterday went really well, my first customer was a man looking for underwear. At first I thought it was a gift, (the shop only sells female underwear) but after a few questions I realised it was for himself. He was so lovely and seemed quite shy about it at first, but after a while he opened up and said how hard it is to shop for this kind of thing because people are so judgemental, he said he was so happy that I was treating him with respect. It made me think about how inconsiderate some people can be, he must get a lot of mistreatment. He was so happy by getting treated how I would treat any customer (he went to my manager and said my service was good). Anyway where was I....oh yeh, I really don't understand why people would treat this guy differently...


Anonymous said...

Hi hun...
I think you are putting to much PRESSURE on yourself to eat "good and healthy". Which seems to be causing you to freak out over every little piece of food..Heres a suggestion: why dont you just allow yourself to eat what you want and not judge it? I found that when I "allow" myself to eat WHATEVER--i relax and my relationship with food gets better. Yes somedays I may over eat but it balances out and it isnt the end of the world. Yes, sometimes my weight fluctuates but again--not the end of the world!..know what I mean? Stop judging what you eat so much and just go with it, its freeing and you'll feel a lot less stressed out!

I'm really glad you were accepting of that man! good for you :) you have such a kind all you need is to try to be more accepting and less judgmental of yourself!! ( i know hard, but you can do it!)

Dana xoxo

Heather said...

Stopping weighing yourself is a good decision, well done :)
People appreciating what you would think of as the norm is always an eye opener, try questioning each assumption you make about people every day and you realise what a cruel people we are. Makes you think. x

Sairs said...

I agree that cutting down your weighing yourself is a good thing. It was really good for me. I was doing it every day more than once and then Andy found out and he hid the scales. He lets me have them on a saturday morning and then hides them again. I have no idea where they are and I don't go looking for them either. Good luck with cutting down, it can be really hard and anxiety invoking. I know you can do it :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go with the decreasing weighing thing! That's a tough decision to make and you did it!

As for your story about the man at work, it sounds like you really treated him well. I hope you know how positively that reflects on you. You are clearly a kind, understanding, and accepting person. Beautiful inside and out.

Wishing you well,