Friday, 14 January 2011

Disproportionate anger over dinner.

Today I had prepared dinner -roast vegetable pasta. I had chopped all the veg and made the sauce to go over the top. As I was tutoring this evening my mum was going to put it in the oven. So I get home from tutoring, sit down for dinner and taste me. It's disgusting. My mum had added 6 extra garlic cloves. It was awful. I ended up having beans on toast. Now all this isn't really that important, the thing that got me is how ANGRY I felt. Completely disproportionate to the situation. I was fuming. I'm still angry now and it is half an hour later. I know I shouldn't be that mad but it's how I feel. Normally I only feel really angry about things like this when I'm going through a down period (once I got really really angry over my mum telling me off for not cleaning up the toasty maker. What a loser!)
So, question any of you feel stupidly angry about these kind of things? (particularly food related)
And if so, how do you come down from this anger?


Sairs said...

I hate it when people mess with my food but at the same time I haven't had it done for a long time. I would be pissed off though if someone had done what your mum did. Especially when you made it for you and you know what you like. Andy often puts too much salt in everything and it's really annoying but I never say anything. Last night we had scrambled eggs and he put salt in that. I hate salt at the best of times in meals but oh well. I hope you are feeling better now.

The Woollen Typist said...

If my food is messed/tampered with in any way, I usually end up throwing a massive hissy-fit.
And it's always (almost) related to ED thoughts/behaviours.
But I think after all the hissy-fits I have thrown, my mother (and everyone else in the house) has learnt to just let my food be.

Also get angry if she decides to sort through my clothes and choose what 'needs' to be washed!
Christ! I sound like one crazy, angry person.

p.s. 6 cloves of garlic does seem a bit much.


Anonymous said...

yes, all of the time, i just snap and i cannot control it. i honestly think that it is because i bottle everything up, and then i snap. i don't know, but i understand precisely.

Lisa said...

don't beat yourself up. it happens. i snap impulsively as well....i understand... trust me, you're not alone in this


Elisabeth said...

I know just how you feel. I always get angry in those situations too. Like, if someone messes up my food or something, anything related to food, I get so mad. Like, to the point where I have to leave the room before I start screaming and having a tantrum. You're not alone <3

Eating Alone said...

Yep messing with my food is a sure way to piss me off. I don't think your response was bad at all. Well I would have found something to eat.

Parents, can't live with them, but I still miss mine.