Friday, 7 January 2011

Difficulty with a meal out.

First off, thank you for the support you gave me about my boss, I read it back and thought I sounded over sensitive, but basically there is more to the story - this boss has always been a big snide with me. She once said  "Wow, you actually do give blondes a terrible name" She said this in all seriousness.She always looks like she has a bad smell under her nose.

Secondly my headaches have gone, and I went back to work yesterday.

Anyway, back to the title. I'm going out for a meal with my friends tonight and because I've been ill I've lost weight. I'm reluctant to go back to a 'normal' diet. I was in the shower calculating my calories for the day, and trying to figure out what I could cut out to make enough deficit for this meal out. I suddenly realised this is quite an eating disordered behaviour. So I have given myself permission to eat what I want at that meal out, I'm actually really nervous. Here is what I will be eating pre meal:

breakfast: Wheetabix.
Lunch: Tomato soup, 1 piece of bread.
Snack: Spinach leaves (I do genuinely love spinach leaves...and brussel sprouts).
Dinner: Who knows! Could be salad with dressing on the side, could be a massive pizza!


Lucie Love Heart said...

You have had such a healthy day that of course you can go out and have fun :) Chin up missy, much love xx

Lisa said...

enjoy your dinner! eat it and love it!!!!

I'm glad you caught yourself using ED behaviors and realizing it! that's a great step!!


Danielle said...

I'm glad you realized that that was disordered, sometimes Ed is sneaky like that. Enjoy eating out, don't worry about calories, it'll be fun(:

Angela said...

Realizing that your thoughts were eating disordered is a good sign, but it still sounds like you are restricting a bit during the day to make up for the calories that you may eat at dinner. I do the same thing when I'm going to eat out. I hope that you are able to enjoy your meal.
Take care:)

Sairs said...

Give yourself persmission to have fun and eat what you want. Life can be so difficult as is without taking away things you enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Way to stop yourself before you let ED make some decisions for you! Seriously, that's difficult to do.

Have fun tonight. Enjoy your friends and enjoy your food.

Wishing you well,