Saturday, 18 September 2010

Not the happiest of bunnies...

Well food intake has been bad. I've been eating too much, but luckily my weight has stayed the same. I need to stabilise what I eat then cut down. Fun times.

Today should be quite enjoyable - I am meeting up with my mentor in half an hour, then am handing out CV's, then meeting up with one of my close friends then staying at my boyfriends house (but shush don't tell the parents about that last bit!)

Do you know what is really getting me down at the moment? Everyone leaving. All my close friends are going to uni this week or next week and I feel so left behind. I know it was my choice to do a gap year...but I feel like I'm one step behind everyone else. They are all packing, and telling me about the amazing parties they have planned. And what am I doing? Looking (unsuccessfully) for a job, whilst supporting myself by going on the dole. I feel so stuck at home I've started searching for a room to rent somewhere else in my city.

So I wanted your opinion on something. Is it okay to put photos of me and my friends on this blog? I know my friends won't find this blog, but do you think it's an invasion of my friends privacy?

1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
2. Do you think the design of my blog should be altered in any way?


Sairs said...

I did a gap year and I was glad I did. I didn't start studying until I was 21, so don't feel bad that you aren't doing that yet. It's so nice to have money and live a little, while all your friends are doing essays and exams.

I probably would check with your friends first about pics unless you know for sure they won't mind. Some people can be funny about that.

I came about the name of my blog because it is part of the lyrics to Tori Amos' song "Almost Rosey" and one of my fav songs.

I like the design of you blog, love the background too :-)


Anonymous said...

I can relate to feeling down about everyone leaving for uni. It's so difficult. I'm sorry.

I think you should check with your friends if you want to put photos of them up. Sarah is right-- some people are funny about that kind thing.

1) I wanted to remain anonymous and also get across the point that I have so many diagnoses that it's pretty absurd. So I became "Blogger Not Otherwise Specified" after the "NOS" classifier in the DSM-IV.

2) I think your blog looks great!

Wishing you well,

Anonymous said...

I know it can be hard when you feel as though you're being left behind. A gap year can be good though, try and think of the positives of it- you will be earning money, taking a break etc. I don't think it's an invasion of privacy, but some people don't like their photos posted like that...ask them maybe?
I chose my blog name because I wanted a place to write about my mental health issues and be honest because in real life I'm hardly honest about my mental health issues at all. Hence 'Behind the Facade.'
I think your blog looks fine :)

Take care
Cassie x

Anonymous said...

1. My goal. Thin- easy ;)
2. Your blog looks perfect! You got a real style going on! xxx

Miriam said...

Babe, so many people take a gap year (or two) and feel the same way you do. It might not seem like that now, but the world is HUMONGOUS and you are bound to meet some of those people later on. Keep your head up, don't give up! But maybe stay at home for now (because while living on your own is fun, it can save A LOT of money if you can stand to live at home).

As for your questions:

1. I came up for the name of my blog because I did not want anything to do with an eating disorder in the name of my blog - I was declaring freedom fro it and telling it to "shove it". I'm saying hello to the rest of my life which I hope to be filled with health and happiness, and I am trying to find out who I REALLY am. The scene in Dead Poet's Society where they sound their barbaric yawps just so happened to be perfect for this :)

2. I think your blog should reflect your personality. It's all about you. Do YOU like it? That's all that matters.

xoxox I hope you're happy today :)

mariposai said...

I often wish I'd done a gap year. No matter how it pans out, you will learn something from it, and when you do go to university there will be lots of people who have done the same. When I first went to uni it was hard to find someone who hadn't done a gap year!

1) My blog name was based on my love of colour

2) The most important opinion for this question is your own. Your blog is your little part of cyberspace, and if you fancy a change, then do it. If not, keep it as it is :-)

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

A gap year shouldn't be bad, I think when you find a job and a new room you'll enjoy it. Later on you can start with uni. Also I wouldn't dare to put pics of my friend on the net cauz I'm scared they'll find it and that they'll get mad knowing I put their pictures randomly on the net. Even though they've their pictures on sites like facebook.

1) My blog name was based on my favourite fruit & nickname

2) I think your blog looks cute