Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Losing Style.

I appear to have lost my Writing Style (if I ever had any.) My writing is too here and there, it changes it's mind every few seconds. What to do? What to do? Well write another post of course!

I am not sure if this blog is an 'eating disorder blog' any more. I am very happy to say that my eating schedule is positively normal! I eat all three meals, and although my bum and thighs wobble far too much, and although sometimes I do say to myself "Screw it, today I'm not eating," I recognise that this is silly and unhelpful and go and eat a chocolate bar!

Now, something interesting happened yesterday, pay attention all (well, you don't really need to, it's not that interesting!) I have been very irritable in the last month, my sleeping pattern has messed itself up, I feel angry and upset a lot. Yesterday my parents called me on it. Mum sat me down, and asked me what is wrong. Me being the angsty teenager I am, got very annoyed and just told her "I'm TIRED Mum, that's ALL, leave me ALONE." She persisted. And I broke. Told her how down I've been feeling. How I don't know why I'm irritable. How I'm scared about my gap year and all my friends leaving. Just talking (and crying) helped. She says that I need to get off my lazy bum, because watching TV all day will not help (of course she said it nicer than this.)

I also told the Boyfriend about how I was feeling low, he sent me a text saying "Come outside". He was outside. With 12 red roses. My day improved remarkably. *sigh*

1. Has anyone read "The Edible Woman"? Is it any good?
2. How do you get out of a low period?


Lisa said...

okay 1 ) that is an adorable move on your bf's part *i just melted *
2) Who cares if this isn't an eating disordered blog anymore, THAT IS GOOD, it means you're beating/ have beaten the monster
3) keep blogging :)

take care

Blue Butterfly said...

I can't answer question one (the title actually made me think of a human-shaped chocolate biscuit i.e. FAIL) but perhaps I can help with question two.

I curl up in bed with music and books. Works almost everytime. Or else I cry myself to sleep if I'm feeling particularly blue/angry and when I wake up, things somehow always seem a little less dreary.

Your boyfriend's really sweet (:


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to talk to your mom about what has been bothering you. Sometimes just having someone there to listen helps.

1) Nope.
2) I think the key to getting out of a low period (or at least to make sure you don't go any lower) is to keep yourself busy. Not overworked, but busy.

Wishing you well,

mariposai said...

I've just recieved The Edible Woman for my birthday after a friend recommended it. It's supposed to be really good...