Saturday, 11 September 2010

Just plain ANGRY.

Searching for a job is so bloody tiring. Today I have out roughly one million CV'S. And I got offered a job! At Ann Summers, as a party organiser. (For those of you who don't know, Ann Summers is a shop that sells lingerie and sex toys, but not like a cheap gross shop - it's actually really nice). I got home, told my parents and they went MAD. My mum was angry I had even been in there. She did the whole "I'm so disappointed in you" speech. They aren't letting me take the job. I'm 18 for God's sake. I need freedom. They are trapping me. I can't breath. And you know what I do when I feel trapped? I restrict. I find my freedom through controlling my food. Fuck this. I give up.


Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey i'm a new follower :-) i'm 17 too and find it so hard to get a job! You should feel happy that you got offered a job at Ann Summers, places like that only hire people they think are pretty and would sell their lingerie and stuff. :D H x

Anonymous said...

OH NO! As I started reading this post I was thinking to myself "How awesome!" And I got angry right along with you at the end. I'm so sorry your parents aren't letting you take that job. What would be the consequences if you took it? Not that I'm encouraging you to piss off your parents, but would their anger eventually fade if you decided to take the job?

I really hope you can find someplace that makes you happy soon. Even if you can't take this job I'm sure another one will pop up eventually.

Don't give up! You're doing great, Battleinmind.

Wishing you well,

i love bows:) said...

oh gorgeous thats rubbish. how about letting it settle a few days then speaking with your parents again.thats you need the money for uni, and its the only job you could find. try not to get into an angry 18 rant-i know, its what id do, but it will just wind them up. if it makes you feel any better, party planning isnt the most reliable job, i imagine.

big big hugs.long time no talk!

hope your ok sweetie


Angela said...

I'm sorry that your parents aren't being more open minded. Hopefully you can talk them down, and they will change their minds. I know that I restrict when I feel I'm backed into a corner. Keep looking for other jobs that could be more reliable too. I hope everything works out!
Sending {{{HUGS}}}