Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sometimes all you need is an unproductive weekend.

Quick update.
Good days.
sunny days.Feeling bright. Positive.
Restricting a little. Purged today. BUT not feeling too bad about this because I know I'm just restricting out of habit (I would quite like to loose a bit of weight still, of course.)
I'm film binging, yesterday I watched district 9 (alien Sci-Fi set in the future). Today I am going to watch Coco Avant Chanel. Tomorrow is An Education and Dear John. Tuesday is Julie and Julia. When I have revision to do, I tend to watch a lot of films as you can tell!!

Sorry for the short post, haven't got much to say :) (might be because I'm watching Dr Who and it's bloody brilliant).

Can anyone tell me exercises to do with a bad knee?



Andy said...

AH ! I love film binge days!
They make me happy :)

p.s. swimming is good for bad knees, as well as your basic crunches. I too have a bad knee, that hurts every time i bicycle or run. I hate listening to my doctor though, so I do these things anyway.

Charr. said...

I love Julie & Julia! :)
My friend keeps going on about Dr.'s really that good, hey? ^^
Ouches, hope your knee heals up soon > <

mariposai said...

Eek sorry to hear about the knee - I was always told to keep it moving, try not to let it stiffen up. Of course I'm not a doctor, so this could potentially be wrong advice!

Enjoy your films and good luck with the revision :-)

Sarah x

i love bows:) said...

oooooh im doing about knees at the moment!just had a practical on them and mainpulation!i love being a (nearly)physio!

actually what to do with it depends on wear it hurts, what kind of pain and if you can weight bear, or if it just hurts when your walking etc.swimming rocks in most cases.if its bad get a knee suport.if you tell me a bit more about it i can send yo some exercise sheets:)

you are fabulous!hahaha


i love bows:) said...

have you had a grown heightwise at all recently?sometimes kneecaps can be pesky little things, and grow out of sink with the rest of the it could be that the cartilage at the front of your knee is rbbing on the bone, causing the pain. unless you have fallen or twisted it recently-thats my educated guess!(though, to be fair, its questionable to how educated that is!)its not nearly as bad as it sounds, and totally fixable.but id go to your doc if i were send you some stuff on email later :) lotsof love xxx