Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Silly little teenage arguments.

Ooh my friends are drama queens. I realised I haven't given you a very good insight to who my friends are/what 'cliche' I belong to. Here goes!

Well I belong to a group that's medium to quite popular (that sounds big headed, sorry!) but no way 'top of the food chain'. We stay in an all girl group of about 15. My friends are a little slaggy and very, very loud. We're the girls that get told off for talking. We love to laugh and we love a good gossip. Of course this combination leads to quite a few arguments. It might sound like I'm describing them in a mean way, but I know they would all totally agree!

Anyway back to the point, there is an argument going on at the moment. A girl called Livi lost her virginity to a guy a few months back, they dated for a while. This girl Alex joined our group and immediately mixed things up. She slept with the guy once and Livi forgave her and is seeing him on and off, along with seeing another guy. She told everyone BUT livi and Livi found out in a really horrible way. There is now a group divide- Livi's side and Alex's. Personally I'm on Livi's side because she is one of my closest friends. God I love being a teenager, it's like living in a soap opera!

Today I was talking to Livi about bitching, and I asked her if people had ever said anything about me. She said Alex had told her that she was scared of me! I'm a little confused because I don't think I'm scary! I hope not! She also said I can come across a bit judgemental sometimes (I admit I am a little, but I try so hard not to come across this way as I want to be someone easy to talk to!)

As much as I love my friends, sometimes I feel like I should hang out with more geeky people. When I want to talk about books, politics or things like Dr Who they take the piss and I feel like what we talk about it a bit superficial (boys...shopping...boys...alcohol...gossip). Sometimes I just want to go a bit deeper. I also don't think I fit in with the way they all love to go out. I'm not a huge fan of getting drunk every week, I love the occasional piss up (think once a month) and I think they think I'm a bit strange because I need time to myself.

Sorry for yet another random post. I think I came across badly- Sorry!


Z. said...

I've missed you! I noticed you haven't been blogging much...

Do you enjoy the drama? JW. I hated high school for that reason.

i love bows:) said...

hey, write what you want to write:)
you dont come off badly silly!and your probably putting yourself down:p Find yourself a couple of guy friends for when the girly bitching gets too much!i hated school (and college-and uni! for that, it dont get much better!)

best bet-well, live it up like your in hollyoaks haha

hugs and smoooches

i love bows:) said...

omgosh my word verifaction for that comment was PRADA!!!!!!yessssssss!

sunshine said...

hehe, come join the geeks :) lol, i've given up trying to figure out what group i belong to, it's more trouble than it's worth. but teenager soap drama thing can be amusing as long as you're not the one involved...i hope it all sorts itself out eventually.

you come across as lovely, not scary at all and everyone is a bit judgemental...it's human.


mariposai said...

Ah the joys of being a teenager...things won't always be like this and the good thing about being getting older is you can mix with different people, and are not so defined by any one group.

Sarah x

Charr. said...

Haha, it's good to hear that your friends sound like decent people, but I agree-- join the geeks XP It's way better having people you can be a dork to than when people kind of ignore your geeky little interests.

TheLittleFlower said...

LOL! there is always drama in the life of a teenager! I enjoy it sometimes!