Monday, 26 April 2010

I wouldn't call myself eating disordered.

I was thinking recently about what I have. I don't fulfil the criteria for bulimia any more(why does that make me sad?!?!) I purge maybe once or twice a week. I restrict, but not loads. I really don't know what I am. I let my eating disorder define me. Without it I am a blank slate who has to define myself.

Help me followers!!! I have a of my best friends. She is severely depressed and has a history of binge eating. Yesterday she told me that she is going to try and only eat dinner. She also told me she looked up how to purge. She knows my history with eating and saw how incredibly . I told her that it is very easy to get sucked into disordered eating. She texted me 10 mins ago saying "This eating thing is so hard!" I don't really know what to say to her. Any suggestions?

I feel like I'm having a dry blog tim. No inspiration/ nothing to say.


sunshine said...

perhaps EDNOS? i know what you, i let my eating disorder define me aswell and i often wonder if i'd be anything of person without it, or would i just be empty. the irony.

i'm sorry about your friend, especially as it puts you in such a tricky position. does she have help for her depression?...anti-ds or anything? tht be somewhere to start. as for eating, we all know eating just dinner isn't a good route to go could always suggest three light meals a day to her? not exactly perfect "healthy" eating but not too disordered either...

take care of yourself, *hugs* xx

mariposai said...

Sounds like your friend needs professional help, maybe you could suggest this to her? Trying to help her may become too much for you, believe me I have been in this situation many times, especially after going public with my recovery, and it's important to have boundaries and not to take on other people's problems. You can give support yes, but to do so you have to maintain a good state of mind yourself. You are recovering right now, and that needs to be your number one priority above all else.

There is more to you than an eating disorder, and discovering something different to write on that blank slate may be scary, but it's ultimately a very exciting part of recovery :-)

Sarah x

i love bows:) said...

hey chook, i second everything that sarah can email me if you want. i think you should try not to be to involved with advisibg your frined-for your own sake. Dude, i could start wiritng a list of other things that make you you-just form chatting with you on here and eamils and things:) I wirte my other blog to remind me that there is more to me than ED-although it has been neglected for a while!

your special cos you you, not 'battle with ED'.

so go rock your socks baby girl!and then write about how you did it haha

lots of love xxx

Andy said...

Hey dear :)
I don't fit the criteria for either illness any more either. [Although when the new DSM comes out, I believe I will fit the new criteria for Anorexia. Which makes me smile and frown at the same time.] Anyway, EDNOS is where we fit I suppose. Which for a long time I hated, I wanted to belong to a group, I've had to get over that. I think that although you are friends with this girl, you should stick up for yourself first. You don't have to brush her off completely, but perhaps lightly tell her that you have issues you are working out, and cannot help her with this.

Days like today, days filled with happy moments remind me that I am not just an ED. It comes in moments at first, then minutes. It goes through hours and days, until it is finally a week. Perhaps a month. I cannot wait until I realize I am not an ED for an entire year. Wow.

But you are not, and I am not either.
We are beautiful people, I believe that.

Love, Andy

Anonymous said...


You are so much more than just a person who has an eating disorder. I do get where you're coming from with feeling like you're defined by your mental health issue though.

I think you should encourage your friend to seek help, with going to a GP or a psychologist. Maybe you could offer to go to the appointment with her. You need to look after your own needs though, while it's great to be there for friends, you have to look after yourself too.

Take care,

Cassie x