Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What's your spark?

Everyone has a spark: something that makes you, YOU. They are the hidden flames that excite you and tap into your true passions. They could be musical, athletic, intellectual, academic or relational. Anything that get's your worked up and excited.
So what is my spark? I would say empathy and working with children. These two 'sparks' are traits that have moulded my decision to go into paediatric nursing. I used to think that my gifts weren't 'real' gifts, and the best gifts were the ones you could show (sports, music art etc.) but I've realised my spark is JUST as important and I'm learning to embrace my gifts not resent them.
I would say everyone has many sparks, not only one. Here is a list of some sparks.

Athletics (football, running, gymnastics, cheerleading, rugby etc.)
Musical (composition, playing an instrument, singing)
Intellectual (ability in maths, science, history, english, languages etc.)
Relational (empathy, social, easily makes friends, good listener, welcoming, leadership etc.)
Others I can't think of a category for: writing, appreciation of movies, books, looking after the elderly, DIY, performance.)
The list could go on!

I think in school every pupil should be supported in finding there spark and encouraging them in it.

SO what's your spark?


Anonymous said...

Hm. That's a tough question. There are so many things that I am passionate about (when I'm not stuck in the midst of a crippling depression). I love music. I love helping people. I love to write. I love to learn. I love to help people learn. I love team sports.

Now, I'm not saying that I am the greatest at all of these things, but these are the things that I enjoy and that get me going. My spark!

Wishing you well,

Anonymous said...

i love this post!

that's a good question actually. i've been told that i'm good at art and i do like it very much so i suppose that's my spark? i'm not very sure, it's something i'm going to go and have a think about now,


Silly Girl said...

My spark is writing. I enjoy telling other people's stories. Found your blog by accident and enjoyed my stay.

PerfectingMyEmptiness said...

i thought for one hour what is my spark...i have none:)