Thursday, 16 June 2011

Should I delete my most popular post?

I did a post in December called "How to become anorexic fast, scary scary website." and let me tell you, it's had quite a few views. I just checked my stats and apparently it's had 1,513 views. I really don't know how I feel about this. I think it's doing the opposite of what I meant it to do. I wanted to bring awareness to the horrid ways people exploit this illness, but I think it's just directing people who want to get ill to the horrid money making website. I think I might delete it. Thoughts?

Today has been a rather insignificant day, but pleasant none the less! I brought a pair of TOM's for my trip to China (an awesome buy one pair of TOMS and they give one to a child in need of shoes!) Now THAT'S feel good shopping. After the internet shop I went for my run. It was...a bit of a fail. I managed 1.7 miles but I just couldn't get in the mood and my legs were stiff and yucky. (plus I needed to pee...piece of advice my dears, never run on a full bladder.)
I got them in navy blue.

After watching the hard hitting "Sri Lanka's killing fields" yesterday today I was in a documentary mood, so watched the controversial "Terry Pratchett: choosing to die." I think it was pro euthanasia programme but it kind of put me off. I was pretty pro choice, but it all seems so cold and...I may be stating the obvious but unnatural. Definitely left me thinking on the subject. 

Anyway, next post I want to bring up the idea of cutting out refined sugar. 


bananas said...

Whoa, that's bad. WTF? And it was a .org that really threw me off. This is surely some sort of scam. You know two popular "lesbian bloggers" were just found out as middle-aged men? HA, I would not be surprised of some creepy dude was behind this nonsense.

I'd probably keep the post and delete the link. If people want to find it they'll find it. Might as well not make it just an easy click for them.

Sia Jane said...

Yes I had this problem when I wanted to blog about something but didn't want to say what exactly to save what you say has happened, happened.
If that makes sense.

Hope you're doing okay and LOVE Toms :):)

i love bows:) said...

ive got posts like that too, andit drives me mad. i have to say im guilty of looking at it-but was curious, and i read your blog anyway. i wouldnt worry too much....that link is dead and i think that website has been blocked babe.
i think i have readers that read my blog to trigger themselves with SH, and that pisses me off. you notice that anything on blogger/youtube which has 'trigger warning' on it has huge stats. id like to think its cos people cared, but we all know the score. so now sometimes im a bit careful what i put as titles for posts, and if i think it might be an annoying ratings pull, i dont put a title.

but you shouldnt have to censor your blog. dont delete it, you were expressing valid opinion-just take the link/name of site out if it makes you feel better/

lots of love xxxxx

Angela said...

I wouldn't delete it either as your other commentors have said. You should be able to be honest on your blog. You made me smile:) Running on a full bladder is definitely not a good thing! Take care and have a great weekend.