Thursday, 23 June 2011

Upset by an occupational nurse.

Yesterday I had to travel down to the town I am going to for uni to have an occupational health appointment with a nurse. So that's 3 hours travel for a 20 MINUTE meeting that could of been done over the phone. 
The only thing she needed to ask about was my eating disorder. She started with some basic questions (when) and then moved on to some slightly more personal questions (why did you get an eating disorder?) Hmmm...I said a build up of low self esteem (left out all the childhood crap as I didn't particularly want to tell all this to a total stranger) She then asked if I ever lost a lot of weight. I got to an 'unhealthy' weight. But I just said a bit. She asked if my parents had noticed the weight loss. No they hadn't. I was so embarrassed by these questions. 
She then gave me her 'professional' verdict. "I'm going to contact the university and say you have had emotional problems but not mental as from what you've told me they don't sound like mental problems. I'm no expert though." F*ck you. How DARE you tell me my problems were 'emotional' not 'mental'. You have NO IDEA the shit I've been through the last 3 years. But THANK GOD I didn't tell her any more about the disorder or she would have told them I had mental problems and although I know this is true I don't like the idea of people at uni knowing this. 

THEN she thought she would REALLY stick her foot in it. "What about now? What is your BMI?" 20 I say. She looks me up and down, "You don't look anorexic. You look slim but not anorexic." By this point I thought I might murder her. I was thinking of very gory situations that could happen to her. Do you know NOTHING about eating disorders? You do not tell a recovering person  this. Jeez. 

Thank God I'm in a place where this doesn't trigger me. 6 months a go I would have been so badly triggered by this.

On good news I watched 'Bridesmaids' yesterday and was in hysterics the whole way through. It is HILARIOUS! The funniest film I have ever seen. Massively laugh out loud.  


Hypophrenia Heart said...

That's disgusting that a professional can say these things to you. I am so glad you are strong enough to see clearly, but this seems to be a re-occuring problem where health professionals are stating to people in recovery that they don't 'look' anorexic. It's terrible.

Sia Jane said...

I am so sorry she reacted that way to you.
So proud of your strength {{{hugs}}}

Sairs said...

OMG, that is terrible, you just don't say those things to a person who's had an ED. I can't believe a person who is working in health care would do that. What a cow. I hope you are okay, just sending you huge hugs right now.
*hugs* [again :)]

bananas said...

GRRRR. Bad nurse! Why did you have to see her in the first place?

Sorry, that is a crappy situation. I'm glad you can better deal with it now.

Lisa said...

OMG that's ridiculous. I hate ignorant people. It's hard enough as it is...


stay strong hun. ignore that damn comment.

Tracey said...

sweetie Im sorry you were treated that way, thats disgusting. Was this through occupational health? I know its difficult but see how you feel maybe consider putting in a complaint - thats appalling. *hugs*

Heather said...

This makes me so mad.
I'll beat her up for you.
The uni knowing is not such a bad thing, they won't share the information with anyone other than perhaps your advisor and that just means you can get as much or as little support as you need.

quinn said...

i want to hit that nurse for you, what an insensitive thing to say to someone! ugh, sometimes these people make me so angry.

i'm glad you're in a place where you aren't triggered by what happened though, it shows how far you've come and that's great.

btw, you know when you applied for uni, did you get an occupational health questionaire form to complete? how honest about your ed were you on it, if you don't mind me asking? it's just i applied for child nursing and i hav an interview and that occ health form to fill nd i'm so nervous my ed will stop me getting a place :S any advice would be much appreciated :)

keep going hun, x xx

p.s. what course are you doing at uni?