Thursday, 3 March 2011

The rest of the gap year.

The rest of the gap year is panning out VERY nicely, I am getting super excited.

So, in May I fly over to Paris for 3 days with my Mum, I'm looking forward to this so much, it was one of the things I had my heart set on doing. I want to go to the Louvre, shop and generally explore Paris. In June (hopefully) I'll be off to China for 12 days. In August my cousins are coming over from Spain and staying with us for 2 weeks, we will show them around our city etc. etc. At the end of August I'm planning to go to a big music festival (v festival) with one of my close friends, fingers crossed we get tickets tomorrow. vSometime in Summer I'll also be going to Barcelona with my immediate family which will be SUPER.

And in the mean time I'll be work, work, working to fund all of these fabulous things.

I managed to NOT WEIGH MYSELF again today (that's two days in a row) I plan to weigh myself on Saturday. Food wise I ate much more sensibly today:

A fruit platter for breakfast (banana, satsuma and dates)
chocolate bar as a snack
pitta bread with cheese, tomato and lettuce for lunch with celery and peanut butter.
Shepherd's pie for dinner with cherry pie for desert.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the list I made, I felt a lot less irratic afterwards.


Anonymous said...

wow! your gap year sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are sounding so good for you! I'm excited to hear about your trips to Paris and China.

And great job avoiding the scale! That's quite a feat. I hope you're proud of yourself-- I certainly am.

Wishing you well,