Monday, 21 March 2011

It's time for a damn good change.

This blog is slowly but surely changing....from a blog which I used to SUPPORT my eating disorder, to a blog which I used to support my recovery. And now? I feel the need less and less to discuss food (I'm not saying I'm near full recovery, just getting there). This blog is changing to one solely focused on an eating disorder to a blog focused more My life. My progression.


this blog will still include info on how I'm doing in recovery, and any relapse in the future, but mainly it will be about me changing from someone I don't want to be, to someone I do want to be. The main issues I will be addressing are:

  • My alcohol intake. Is it possible for an 18 year old teen to get along in this binge drinking society and still be accepted for not getting drunk.
  • Changing from a self centred person to a more charitable person...
  • Moving from a one-night-stand girl to a waiting for marriage girl. 
Basically I'll be recording the changes happening in my life and in me for the next few years, with starting university etc. I'll also be writing more about my faith. 

If you're not interested in this type of blog, you're welcome to stop following! 

What do you think of the change in the blog? Any questions? 

ps. Thankyou for all the loving words about my uncle, I really appreciate them. Also my work are letting me have the day off for the funeral. 

pps. For you who want an update on how the  running is going: not well! I can't get motivated! I love going to the gym, but I can't get myself motivated for the treadmill :( Any tips for motivation would be appreciated.


kiz said...

Hey, i think its great that you don't want to talk about the ED anymore it really shows recovery.
I will of course keep following, I am so sorry about your uncle I hope you can keep going through this tough patch.

Running- i tried for lent like 4 yrs ago, i found that it was a 'just don't think' plug in your music and JUST DO IT. Cos as soon as i thought about it i didnt want to go anywhere near my trainers. But if you can try and get into it your body will then start to motivate you to run again, its like your muscles enjoy it and you keep going. Good luck xxx

kiz said...

aww i can't see ur/our background, it just appears white. xxx

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read about this new chapter in your life!

Wishing you well,

Zena said...

Of course I will still read, I think its great you have gotten so far in your Recovery!! Love the new blog layout, and you!!!

ps, thanks for ALWAYS being so supportive of me

love, Tara