Friday, 25 March 2011

Considering plastic surgery.

I cannot remember a time when I have not wanted to have some form of plastic surgery. But recently I have seriously been looking into botox and fillers. I don't think this is ACTUALLY classed as plastic surgery, but I do in my head. The thing is I'm 18. When I tell people this they think I'm crazy. But I am SO conscious that I have lines on my forehead and I hate the nasolabial folds (the lines from the nose to the mouth).  Have any of your had this sort of surgery? What are your oppinions on it?

I have started to look at prices and have found the place I would go to. I think I will definatly wait until I'm 20 because my parents would not be happy if they knew I was considering it now.

Could this want to change the way I look still be a left over of my low confidence?

Been a little tired and lazy this last few days. Not feeling very motivated to do much. But still got lots of good things going on :)


Lisa said...

Botox, but hun- you're so young. I would just be careful, plastic surgery can be addictive...

and I do think this is probably part of the low self confidence.

I see why you'd want it. Hun- just be careful..and I say this out of love..


Anonymous said...

I agree with what Lisa said. You're so young! And 20 is still young too.

My philosophy on cosmetic procedures is that it serves as a temporary fix for our body dysmorphia, but we will always find another flaw that we want to fix. It may never end.

Oh, and from the pictures you post on here I can tell you that you are a very pretty girl.

I'm glad you have some good things going on in your life right now!

Wishing you well,

lisalisa said...

ugh, I have those lines. I didnt know they were called nasolabial folds. And the one that bugs me the most is the vertical line between my eyebrows. Makeup always settles into it and makes it look worse.
I think my ED has aged my face and also drinking so much diet soda. I have thought about plastic sugery but dont have the money. But if I had the money, I'm not sure I would do it, for various reasons. I dont want to sound preachy, but I think that spending so much money on changing your body, when there are people who are starving, is just wrong. I would like to think that if I had that kind of money I would spend it on something more noble. Cause really, you cant put off aging. Someday you will be 80 and all wrinkly and then the money would be wasted. Ok, now I really sound preachy. Let me put it this way: If someone would donate the plastic surgery to me, totally free, I would do it. But I dont think I could bring myself to spend big money on it, even if I had the money. Does that make sense?
I was actually thinking about plastic surgery tonight, specifically, a tummy tuck. I was thinking about writing a blog post about a conversation I had with my husband about it.

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