Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Photo update and lent.

Now on to lent. I forgot about it until today, so I'm going to write a few ideas.

1. Bread. This one isn't for weight loss, it's actually so I become more experimental with the lunches I eat. I always just have boring old sandwiches.
2. Giving up hair straighteners....my hair is so damaged. I think this is the one I'm leaning towards.

My Grandma does the best thing at lent, instead of giving anything up she eats one creme egg a day.

Are you giving up anything for lent?


Anonymous said...

I like the straightener one. I think the problem with giving up a food is that sometimes when you are unable to eat something you like you feel deprived which can lead to a binge, especially for us ED folks. And I'm sure your hair will thank you!

Maybe instead of giving up bread you could just make it a new goal (with no holiday context) to have a sandwich only twice a week or something and to try something else for the rest of the days.

I look forward to hearing what you choose!

(Oh, and by the way, those pictures are all awesome.)

Wishing you well,

Heather said...

Loving you're pictures, you're cute :)
Giving up hair straighteners is a good one!
You can be experimental with lunches anyway, no need to cut yourself off from bread. Wraps are a good starting point, fill them just the same as a sandwich but taste totally different!
I love that your gran eats a cream egg everyday, that's hilarious!
One of my friends is taking up pancakes - one a day because she feels sorry for how much they get forgotten about during the year!
I'm giving up coffee and cigarettes, I've been having too much lately and I have a good break before exams so I can get away with it :)

sarah said...

love the work outfit...pretty cool. More fun lunches sounds great too. I tend to have the same old same old and it's so boring.

Angela said...

I love your grandmas idea:) If you do give something up, I would go with #2. I think your hair would be pretty if you go natural. I love the color. Post pics if you decide to do this!
Take care:)