Monday, 28 March 2011


The fabulous behind the fat has awarded me with the versatile blogger award! Thank you lovely!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who loved you enough to bestow this gift-
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Bestow this honour onto 5 newly discovered or followed bloggers– in no particular order– who are fantastic in some way.
Here's 7 things about little ol' me...:

1.) I see more boobs at work than most guys see in a lifetime. As much as I love my job, it does make me want a boob job even more.

2.) I'm only 18 but all I want to do is settle down, get married and have lots of babies.

3.) Everyone I meet thinks I'm at least 2 years older than I am. Mostly I take this as a complement that I'm mature for my age, but occasionally I worry it's because I have premature wrinkles...

4.) I HATE twilight with a passion. HARRY POTTER RULES ALL.

5.) I want to move to Australia for a year.

6.) I'm worried that when I'm a nurse I won't cope with the emotional side of the job, I cry at EVERYTHING.

7.) I think cupcakes are overrated, all that over sweet icing. Carrot cake for me love!

And now, 5 newly discovered or followed blogs that I think are awesomsauce, (in no particular order):

1.) Haley : I really enjoy this ladies blog, she gives me great advice and posts great pictures :)
2.) Lisa : This woman inspires me. She's such a great mother and a great writer. I feel happy when her blog posts pop up on my reading list.
3.) Dana : Two words : TOTAL INSPIRATION.
4.) Zena: This woman writes so honestly and is a very strong person.
5.) NOS This lady gives the best advice, I like what she writes about, and how well she is doing :)


Charr. said...

Hey lovely, I gave you the same award :) <3 Love your blog.

Invisible_Ninja said...

Omg I love carrot cake the most too, but without the icing that normally comes with it :) x

Anonymous said...


I would love to move to Australia too.

Wishing you well,

Zena said...

Thankyou sweetie, I too am very flattered, I cant wait to give away my awards...just have to figure out how to copy and post the photo...Im so computer illiterate ;)

lisalisa said...

aww, thanks! Your kind words mean so much to me!!!!!

I'm with Zena; I have no idea how to repost award thingys. I usually dont because computer frustration can really piss me off (picture me screaming and shaking my laptop). But I def am greatful for the award; it makes me feel like someone out there cares about me :)